"We will burn down this system"

A BLM leader claims that if he doesn’t get what he want’s he will burn this system down and replace it with something else. Oh golly. I am soooooooo scared. Does he mean he will go to surviving African American areas and torch them too? And replace it with what? Democrats have been in control for decades. Does this mean he wants republican leadership now? We have this thing in America that we like to call elections. You planning on running for something? Or are you going to kick down the door to city hall and declare yourself to be mayor? Burn what ever you choose. Just let me know when. I’ll pop some popcorn and watch it on FOX news from my upper middle class, highly diverse neighborhood. Enjoy!

Sounds like you got triggered.

It’s hyperbole. He was joking. Dont listen to what he says, watch what he does.


They might try. No chance it will happen. Before that would happen the military would roll out.

They would run like rabbits before the military.

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Sounds like you didn’t read my thread. If you scroll down, I mentioned FOX news and popcorn. Try to keep up. :blush:

Empty rhetoric to whip up the base.

Sounds familiar.


Not if Biden wins. If Biden wins the cities will throw up the white flag. It will be mayhem. Which is fine. I’ll grab a beer, turn my hot tub up to 101, jump in and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Yep! 'cept when Trump does it, LIBs call it lying. :wink:

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It would be a mistake to write Hank Newsome off as a crazy.

Mexico will pay for the wall. :roll_eyes:

Nope. I give my opinion. Nobody gets to declare what " my feelings" are. The word “triggered” is used to demean the poster. Nothing more. Right? I will give a warning before I flag. Fair enough?

Clearly the previous system was working perfectly.


Right? What could be better than the 50 years of heaven they have created under democratic control?

I wonder how Independent voters feel about burning it all down? We’ll find out soon enough.

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Until he comes up with a plan. He’s just a blowhard. Nobody is intimidated by his threats.

He has the panache and charisma of Stokley Carmichael and Huey P. Newton. And yes, he should be taken seriously. The mentally challenged and other ideological indoctrinated followers of this chooch can easily be manipulated into doing just about anything.

It sounds like he’s planning to throw another fit. As long as he keeps his fit in the inner cities, who cares?

Where I come from, when a group has been burning, looting and rioting, you listen when they talk about burning more down… My personal opinion is they need to be slapped down. This is quite enough. Time to start from the top down and throwing them in jail for terroristic behavior. Peaceful protests are one thing. Rioting, looting, burning buildings, violence… that should NEVER be acceptable and BLM is all over it.


By whom? The city leadership is either terrified into doing nothing or aligned with him.

Might want to listen to him a bit.