We’re All Equal, But Some of Us Are More Equal Than Others

Anyone else seeing various businesses offering freebies for so called “essential workers”, usually something like a cup of coffee or a sandwich?

If you’re law enforcement, or medical personnel, or military, show your id & get a free (whatever). Well, I’m medical personnel, and I’m done with it.

First time I saw the offer at a convenience market while putting gas in the car, I thought that’s nice; showed my id & got a coffee. Second time, also after getting gas, made the same coffee choice.

This morning I thought about one, but then thought what is it I’m doing that’s so special to earn one? How is my job choice any more special or valuable than any other? Many of these so called “nonessential businesses” give some benefit to someone and put food on the table for the owner.

Why is it right for me to grab a free food or coffee while someone whose small business is shuttered due to circumstances beyond their control may end up seeking assistance in a food bank? Someone else in one of those professions wants that freebie, have at it.

The whole designation of “essential” and “inessential” businesses reminds me of that famous line by George Orwell. We’re all equal, but some of us are more equal than others.


We are not equal in all things.

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Then don’t take it.

When I see a freebie for medical personnel during this time, I’m assuming they are targeting the ER workers and Covid-19 front-line staff, the people watching Covid-19 patients survive or die alone.

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It’s right because the store is offering it to you as a way of saying thanks for being on the front lines.

If you don’t want to accept the gift, that’s fine.

Better yet, the next time it happens, give it away to someone you think might be unemployed or more deserving.

It’s a freely given gift…nothing to get upset about.


My business is perhaps one of the most non essential things that there is.

I don’t mind admitting that.


Nope. Am none of those things.

Just show your badge, and it’s yours. Here’s the offer: https://www.cumberlandfarms.com/

Could care less if a LEO or someone else grabs one, but I’m done.

Really. I think the small dance studio and my favorite gymnast’s so called nonessential businesses did more positive for the development of children in particular, and they’ve been shuttered due to circumstances beyond their control


And who is it even that decides what is and isn’t essential? State Lottery hasn’t been shut down.

oh please. stop with the histrionics. they’re doing their jobs. just like police do their jobs and fire fighters do theirs. just like the people stocking shelves at the grocery or the person checking you out. they’re jobs, people are doing them. they aren’t brave heroes, they aren’t special, they’re just people doing their jobs.


how does being unemployed make one “more deserving”?

Did you miss the words “you think” in that post?

And the word “or”?


point taken

It’s sweet of them to offer these things, and, as private enterprises, they should feel free to make whatever special offers to whomever they please.

What fries my last nerve is the closure of generally small businesses not by the free market, as in not enough were interested in their products or services, but by state officials.

That small bookstore deemed inessential by some drone may have had some selections that helped a child get interested in reading. Classes in tumbling or dance may have helped anyone from a child needing to strengthen abdominal muscles to a Down’s syndrome child needing some muscle development, or increased short term memory from learning simple routines.

Just who is it who can say not what others want, but what they need?

interesting… when private individuals decide who gets special treatment, it can be debated…

when the government decides who gets special treatment, you must obey

to each according to the decision of the bureaucracy

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Welcome to the dystopian present.

We debate when the government decides to give special treatment all the time.

We debate whether they should give special treatment, and if they should, to whom they should give special treatment.

You know where that debate takes place?

In political discussions and when we have elections.

Needs are easy.

you know where that debate takes place? after your “quarantine”… until then…

It’s taking place right now.

Governments are driven by the philosophy of secular humanism couple that with the desire of humans to give thanks and praise such are the results.

It’s never been said that all professions are equally important.

To the families whose members are earning the money to fund the family’s food, housing and other needs, their jobs are essential.

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