We Need to Increase Police Salaries

Police salaries should be increased to an annual starting amount of six figures. Why would we do that? Obviously that will give the community the best and the brightest personnel to enforce our laws. Defunding idea is just stupid.

Still wouldn’t take the job for six figures in today’s climate. And if I was one, I would be pushing for a massive strike until people stopped blaming all of them for the actions of a few.


The dem plan is to get rid of all the highly paid officers (salary, OT, benefits) and replace the with lower paid people. (think the people you find at the DMV),’

You get what you pay for,

You can bet they will also be vetted for liberal purity.


I’m sure a neck beard / soul patch and skinny jeans will go a long way at the interview.

Or BLM or ANTIFA bonafides.

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Bernie Bros will be in high demand.

Yep populists make for good cops…

I highly doubt that.

Yes, it is.

I used to work for a company in chicago that would hire a lot of vets out of Iraq and Afghanistan, these guys also applied for chicago police department.

I think we hired about 7 or 8 guys, and just about all of them got offers later from the CPD, all but one of them turned it down.

They made 60,000 base without overtime starting at our job, I think it was similar with CPD, maybe faster progression as a cop, I dunno.

Not worth it to be a cop imo.

Private security?

Should do the same for school teachers. Right?

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You know I was thinking of that other day. To attract better talent. Not only are you law enforcer but social worker, lawyer and finally a head basher when needed.

Oh…and welcome to Hannity.

No, people aren’t trying to kill them all the time.

Not without massive reforms.

depends on the school

They want people who are more like social workers patrolling the streets.

Not without substantial increase in property taxes or 60-70 kids per class.


teachers dont put their lives on the line every day like police do

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