We need to be Self Sufficient Nationally

I hope this will be a non-partisan discussion that all sides can agree on…

I think the war in Ukraine & other things that has been going on shows we need to make all our own food, fuel, medicines, micro chips, military equipment, & other economic necessities & fundamental needs.

We should not farm it out to other nations to the point we can be cut off with great consequence.

International trade I’m all for, but we just need to make sure the essentials we do ourselves.


Ammunition and weapons of war.


That especially, but the others need to be made here too.

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Not just medicine, bandages, IVs, etc.


Beef. Rice. Potatoes.


The American farmer and rancher needs to be turned loose. Like in the 70s and before.


Are you ready for the short, medium, and long-term pain this would cause?

Are you ready for the use of government power interfering in the free market in order to make it happen?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then we can discuss it.

If you think this will happen by magic, then we may as well discuss moving to Mars this year. Because that would be more likely than what you want to have happen.

We had the start of a discussion on this in an earlier thread. Got off to a good start. Maybe this is something we could explore in more detail.


The farmer was not turned loose in the 1970s. The farmer was enslaved to the big agribusinesses in the 1970s.

You couldn’t be more wrong. I grew up on a ranch and farmed rice and soybeans in the 70s. Everybody around us did. It was a great way of life.

Right up until Nixon sold us out.

You’re just wrong.

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Um… Nixon was president in the 1970s.

This would require massive intervention in the market. How would it work?

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Are you ok?

What do you think caused it?

A new Buy American Act?

I would have no problem with one tailored to cover strategically critical products and resources.


LOL…you have no idea.

Depends on how. I’m just as concerned with being cut off from domestic suppliers as foreign ones. I’m fine with getting microchips from Kentucky, for example, as long as my ability to get them from abroad is not negatively impacted in any way.

He didn’t say what you think he said.

He did say what you think he said.

Awesome. But naive.

To enact such a program will result in privation and hardship. Politicians and partisans on your side AND my side will look to harness the resulting discontent for short term gain. Nevermind the competing economic philosophies championed by either side.

Consider manufacturing: suppose we bring microchips home from Taiwan. The contract will go to a capitalist who needs to also make a profit. The government helps him build the factory. Great.
He will need to attract employees. Can he pay a reasonable wage? Can that employee make a decent living? Have a family? Buy a house? All of these demands quickly drive the profit margin down to level where it is once again cheaper to manufacture overseas.

So now what? If you want American citizens to buy into this America First sort of philosophy, you must make it worth their while. The only answer I can see* is a robust safety net to fill in the gaps left by the employer. Are you willing to accept that?

*unless we nationalize essential industries.

How did Nixon sell you out?