We MUST Protect the Power Grid from EMP

We know all this, and can protect against it, BUT, we are NOT!

This would result in the death of 90% of our population…


From the report:

“The occurrence today on an event like the 1921 storm could
result in large scale and prolonged blackouts affecting more
than 100 million people. The National Academy of Sciences
estimates the cost of damage from the most extreme solar
weather at $1 to $2 trillion with a recovery time of 4 to 10

Our enemies can do a massive EMP attack with one nuke as well.

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If I’m not mistaken, aren’t we dependent on China for the parts needed for a power grid repair?




EMP is a valid threat though not sure it would result in the deaths of 90% of the population.

The bigger concern for me is naturally occurring “EMP” events such as the 1859 Carrington Event.

But as usual infrastructure seems to be ignored by successive administrations and government.

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Listeroid engine with a generator.

Listeroids can run 24/7 for months on end. Can run on everything from producer gas to reclaimed vegetable oil.

In the end, you have to look out for yourself.

Any significant power grid improvements, if they happen at all, are likely going to be slow to occur.

My whole house generators and backup generators are shielded from EMP attacks. I have a solar grid and I have water from dual springs.

I can withstand a short to medium term power grid outage.

You have to take care of yourself, as far as you are able to do so.

The calvary ain’t coming over the hill anytime soon.

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I agree…we should be hardening our grid. But money is better spent on Ukraine. :wink:


But, Calvary IS a hill outside of Jerusalem. :joy:

I don’t think our solar would survive, not the charge controllers at any rate. And it would fairly expensive to buy backups and cage them.

I shall reconsider the placement of the “L” in that word. :smile:

Earthgrid, a San Francisco-based startup, is developing a plasma boring robot capable of digging tunnels up to 100 times faster than current boring methods while costing 98 percent less. The company plans to use its technology to rewire the US utility grids, the internet, and energy.

This is a failure that is borne by all administrations. But yes this fauljre will continue under Biden.

The bipartisan infrastructure law puts forward $65 billion to directly upgrade the U.S. national power infrastructure, as well as billions more in funding that could further enhance our grid, such as for communications, hydrogen and cybersecurity. Utility planning for infrastructure investments funded by the BIL should be closely integrated with their preparations for the impacts arising from the IRA. (Inflation Reduction Act)

Looks like it has been addressed. Hopefully, this has oversight, to ensure it gets done as intended.

Not if the main transformer stations are knocked out. But it might be used regionally.

No, it’s not in there to PROTECT from EMP…I wish it was…this is to me a non-partisan issue.

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For use at home. Unlike those common generators a Lister will just keep running and running.

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Sadly, that is the projections. I HOPE not, but what if it’s 50%? Mercy!

You can protect solar?

There is a type of solar that is EMP proof.

Use mirrors to heat a boiler and run a steam engine to spin a generator. You can actually buy a steam engine brand new and not have to machine castings (or you can get those from Reliable Steam Engines). It can even be US made.

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Ukraine First™ :ukraine: