We MUST Protect the Power Grid from EMP

Not sure about the panels but I would assume the charge controllers are toast unless they are unhooked and sitting in a Faraday cage.

The solar panels themselves would survive an EMP pulse.

To some extent, you can shield the wiring.

But I agree, it is currently impossible to completely EMP proof solar. However, I do have the ability to repair a damaged system, with the parts in a shielded location.

And I do agree with zantax that it would be currently impractical to completely shield a solar power system. However, as I said, repair is possible.

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Also not sure you would have anything but lights to power after one either. And if it’s a coronal ejection your house might just burn down as well.

You could do like these people. :smile:

Bit pricey, I wouldn’t have money left for furniture.

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protect it from enviro-terrorists as well…

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Not 2 years ago now, but this did happen…

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There was a corona effect, I think last year as well. @SixFoot mentioned it.

One Second After by William Forschten is an excellent fictional account of how society and human behavior could/would change after an EMP attack on the US. It was published back in 2007 and got the interest of a few politicians at the time.

Definitely worth a read by anyone interested in this topic. Kindle Unlimited subscribers can read it for free.

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There’s cheaper versions of it…my house is all metal…not for EMP, I just like metal siding and roofing…

In spite of that OP, I did in fact go flying those days (must’ve gotten stoned and forgot to stay grounded). My Sirius satellite for the van, and the GPS features on my phone (for flying) were definitely affected. Nothing catastrophic though, music sounded like a skipping CD, and I was flying 200 feet higher than what my phone was saying.

~4,000 ft up that same day:


Blocking emf fields from power lines, cell phone towers, etc … would love to have a home that was electronically quiet.

Like money thrown to the 4 winds.

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