We Have The Worst Media In The World

Absolutely the worst. I’ve been watching the coverage of the Tiger Woods accident on a couple of channels and the internet.

These people are stupid and making us stupid by listening to them.

We’ve got to do something about this.


And why in the hell is Geraldo Rivera still on tv? Term limits!

No wonder we’re so screwed up as a country.


I would agree.

It is shocking that a country as powerful and influential as ours has some of the least informative media.

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They just plain suck.

“Journalism” is no longer fact based.


Geraldo? I thought someone else on Fox found Hoffa…

Sounding like Geraldo has a man crush on Tiger Woods. :heart_eyes:

I like Geraldo.

The media not too much.

It is all tabloid all the time… pandering to a child mentality.

It is global corporate.

No good.

Some local is almost acceptable.

why is it the biggest news on TV? we don’t need every channel reporting on it every 10 minutes.

The media knows its audience…It says more about the state of our country, than it does the media. Even on here…some members saying Biden can’t get ratings/ headlines etc…Thats all that matters now…Ratings/Headlines

You still don’t understand media is about eyeballs and clicks?

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most of the world has state run media.

Its not global, no one watch CNN,MSNBC,Fox,etc outside of America.

well im glad someone gets it

Al Jazeera’s stateside operations are good.

whats “news” about?

How do you think the immigrants from Hondoras knew Biden was waving them in?

Satellite TV is global.

America isn’t that important to most of the world.

More dissatisfied consumers of America’s free market media experiment.