We Have The Worst Media In The World

Eyeballs and clicks…

Al Jazeera and Russia Today are far superior to our mainstream media.

I have no experience with RT.

Making that sweet, sweet free market money.

Russian state owned propaganda is far superior. Hmmm.

CBC and BBC are where I get most of my news.
watch the odd ABC/NBC from time to time.

It all depends on where you go for news; much of the news media is nothing but sensationalist garbage.

The NYT on the other hand is covering the story in an informative, non-sensational way. It isn’t top headline news like I’m sure it is elsewhere. Editorial content aside, the NYT is one of the best news platforms around.

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We could call them say…sheople troughs…and making us stupid we could call…sheoplizing. I think you’re starting to feel my pain?

That’s about all I watch is local.

good. just glad you realize it has nothing to do with journalism

CNN International is worldwide news. I don’t know how big or anything, but it certainly exists.

so where do we go for journalism?

This is called a smokescreen.

NYT, CNN and others.

most countries watch their own national news.
CNN international is limited doesn’t really talk about local issues just general stuff.

Some outlets are pretty good. NY Times can be good when they’re not relentlessly “both sides” ing, WaPo is pretty good even though it’s still largely a neocon rag wired for Republicans. There others depending what your topic is, Bloomberg is the go to for business, etc

at least youre not lovin arab news

What like Al Jazeera? They’re excellent. When they first launched in the US I’m like ok cool hard hitting news with no editorializing, perfect. I think they lasted less than a year in the US unless they’ve relaunched.

yeah i know nothing biased about middle eastern news

You’re still back in your “loving Bush, Iraq is awesome!” days when there was so much propagandizing against Al Jazeera and they were actually attacked by the military.

Every middle eastern government hates Al Jazeera because of their reporting, almost as much as American Republicans hate them as a holdover from when they were super supportive of the invasion and occupation of Iraq but now they’re one of the few who were against it.