Wayne LaPierre is on the hook to pay 4.5 mil to NRA- another Tish James production

They. (the jury) said LaPierre caused $5.4 million in monetary harm to the NRA, but that he has already repaid at least $1 million of that. The 74-year-old appeared stoic as the verdict was read.

"If jurors found the individual defendants liable, they had to recommend the amount of money that each defendant would have to repay the NRA. "

So he is personally on the hook for that money.

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Get her some epaulets, a chest full of medals and a kickass set of shades.

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I’d think the NRA members would support this- in fact be happy about it.
"On the stand, LaPierre said he used the organization’s financial resources on chartered private jets, family trips, black car services and high-end gifts for friends. He also testified that he authorized thousands of dollars in helicopter rides so that NRA executives could avoid getting stuck in traffic while traveling to and from NASCAR races.

During cross-examination, LaPierre testified that it was wrong to charter private planes and limo services for personal use."

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Who is Tish James?

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I’m a normal human being. :man_shrugging:


OK, so she’s this month’s tabloid slop for hogs. Thank you for the clarification on why normal people will have no clue who she is. :rofl:


or- the DA who beat Trump.

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Yeah, nobody is ever going to refer to her as that either. She’s not famous in the slightest. :rofl:


But she is … THE District Attorney who BEAT TRUMP and…WAYNE LAPIERRE.

Come on- even you have to admit LaPierre was asking for it.

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I was just asking one of the conservatives who this Tish person was. I’m not interested in the rest of this loserific tabloid trash. :rofl:

Ok. And?!?!?
You think I give a damn about the NRA???

Oh wait, you gun grabbers think ALL gun owners are members, swear allegiance, send millions, etc.

Newsflash, most gun owners couldn’t give a damn about the NRA.

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LaPierre confirmed that he did buy clothing at Zegna, a high-end clothing store in Beverly Hills, California. But he insisted that he did so only at the behest of the officials at Ackerman McQueen, who “hated” how he dressed and encouraged him to buy new clothes that would look good on television.

“Mr. McQueen used to literally beat me up to get wardrobe at this store," LaPierre said. “I did all the television for the NRA.”

I think Mr. LaPierre might be misusing ‘literally’ here, although I would love to see Ackerman McQueen ‘literally’ beat him up.

Good, throw his ass in prison. I won’t lose a lick of sleep. Hell, I actually forgot his name.

This is really stupid nonsense that normal people don’t care about. :rofl:

Civil trial- just cough up 4.5mil.

Watch for bankruptcy filings.

I thought you righties were very interested in the NRA.

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You thought wrong…on yet ANOTHER topic…shocking

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