Waukesha what is going on with Wisconsin

NBC actually called it an accident.


of course they did

they have their mission

Actually a good thing, more and more people waking up to it.

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No sane person supports this imbecilic murdering criminal. He will be in prison the rest of his days. But there is no need to pretend he is on the vanguard of some militant terrorist black liberation movement that will bring on the race wars…because…dumb.

And if he truly did do it because he is some crazed anti-white weirdo, it doesn’t mean anything. Just as the Aubrey case doesn’t tarnish all righties as murderous bigots.

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well… those aware of this nonsense already know. those who dont continue to receive their programming

He’s like the Arbery killer. Never killed before but now needs to be removed.


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Reasonable post. Public service announcement.

Crazed black person killing innocent whites for racist reasons does not fit the narrative so must be ignored. Crazed white person killing innocent black people does fit the narrative, so facts must be changed when it is really the people shot who are crazed…and are white.
It is the facts that are wrong and must be changed, not the narrative.

You are right. The left doesn’t need to use the Aubery case to do that. It’s already part of their psyche.


No progressive DA cares, I promise you. They believe this is “equity.”

He’s nothing remotely like the Aubery killers. Stop trying to draw an equivalence. It’s pathetic.


Yes - see Hawk Newsome, click on the link below, or Google search “looting is reparations.” The leftists will chime in with “but, that’s not THE REAL BLM!!!” within about two minutes of this post.

I agree with every word of that. Ultimately though, these murders happened because of progressive policies, and the left doesn’t get to dodge that.

I’ve seen some ■■■■■■ up post on this site…And this is way up there on the list.


Does it tarnish white “righties” as white supremacists?

Your standards are obviously flawed. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


i guess you dont

not surprised.

sorry youre triggered

Ahh the calling out a stupid post means you’re triggered play…gotta stick with what works for you I guess…lol

if you werent so triggered you would just simply say you disagree, and give a reason

but go ahead pitch your little fit


I knoooooooo…rite…all $1,000 bails worth as he’s accidentally leaving a domestic dispute and ran over 40 people and killing women and children.