Waukesha what is going on with Wisconsin

Just saw where someone in a red SUV decided it was a good idea to drive right down the middle of a Christmas parade injuring and killing many in Waukesha Wisconsin that’s right outside of Milwaukee. What the actual ■■■■ it feels like watching the fall of the U.S. take place at increasing speed as a society and devolving rapidly.

Most detail I have seen so far.

It’s right outside of Milwaukee. Not Minneapolis. But that’s beside the point. Sad to see this kind of craziness.

I’m not looking to watch more videos, but I did see the clip of the car speeding past a kid who was dancing just off the sidewalk. That alone was sickening knowing that people were hit and killed.

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Ya that’s been my go to source, they bat 70/30 in my experience. They do tell about what about people are saying on the streets not all of it comes out to be true. This is sick, quiet a few children injured and possibly killed. The videos are horrifying reminded me of the attack in Nice France.

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I never look at this sort of video. Don’t need that in my memories.

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Will correct thanks

There are reports that people in custody. If preliminary reports are accurate, expect a slow walk on details from officials and the media.

Warning: disturbing video.

Don’t watch this then you can see the SUV coming off the ground running over bodies.

I can’t understand why parade goers were sitting in the street not up on side walk.

Good grief

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Because they typically throw candy at these kinds of parades and the kids scramble around in the street pickling it up. Oh and there were road barricades up though apparently not great ones.


If this is in retaliation for the Rittenhouse verdict, this nation will burn.

Doug, I know…I shouldn’t point out the obvious. But you should not narrow the street by putting people in it during a parade just in case emergency vehicles need to get thru a parade route.

Not watching the videos here or on any other site. I can’t see that because I won’t be able to unsee it.

The pics here are bad enough.

Zan we have a 2.5 hour parade on the 4th of July. People are not allowed in the street. They throw candy in the grass, or someone walks by and throws candy.

We are going to end up like Western Europe with armed special units patrolling the Christmas events with steel barricades set up to block these type of events :frowning: sad. I just hope the deaths are low some are reporting higher casualties than the Mainstream media is reporting, I hope the media is correct on this one.


Do conservatives ever burn? Besides Biden has already said it’s ok to be angry if you didn’t like the results.

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Yes, angry. Not drive through a crowd with a car.

If BLM supporters plowed into a crowd of kids, not even this White House is going to be able to pull the wool over the eyes of the public. Every SINGLE Democrat in elected office supports that organization.

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