Waters: Deutsche Bank providing Trump financial records for House probe

I asked this before.

If it was found that a President commited a murder a few years before running for office… that crime should not have any bearing in Congressional oversight?

Can’t unscramble that egg.

They can’t stop what’s coming, not with the big elephant in the room like Fisagate, Spygate. These people are sick for ignoring the corruption.

It would probably be more fair to trump to treat him like the clintons and not investigate anything prior to him running for or becoming president.


That should be handled by the law enforcement/judiciary of the jurisdiction involved. What can the house or senate do? Impeach him for something they determine (innocent until proven guilty in court) he committed a crime without a conviction?


That’s moving the goalposts to a different country.

Exactally what crime in what year is the house investigating? Do they have a specific crime they know of they want to prove? Or is this a fishing expedition in hopes of uncovering something he has never been charged, with, susupected or, nor convicted of.

The supreme court has ruled time and time again that congress has the power to investigate for purposes of oversight AND for legislation. Would you support a law that would prohibits this? What are the odds congress would agree to such a limitation?

Are you under the impression the house needs to be investigating a crime? That’s not true at all…

Fine . . .

Investigate Trump for anything he may have done in public office as president or any other public office he was appointed or elected to


With Trump they are desperate to find something in order to stop the Trump train, with Hillary they have plenty of evidence thanks to Judicial Watch and testimonies from the Deepstate traitors.

Then why has Trump’s DOJ not prosecuted?

Probably waiting for Mueller to end his investigation.

Why would they wait with all the supposed “evidence” from Judicial Watch?

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Kinda amazing people complsining about oversight are the same ones who wanted to dig through Obamas childhood


Maybe they’ll find extramarital sex (as they did with Bill Clinton) and republican christians in our society will desert him as they did Bill Clinton (if any supported him).

I at least expect Republican media to report something like that as vigorously as they did with Bill Clinton.

Make them panic perhaps or sweat it out.

Determining if he is financially beholden to foreign powers or entities have a direct impact on his current position as President. We deserve to know, as his employer, if decisions he makes are in a self-interest or a national interest. This oversight falls in line with what you’ve suggested.

Also, this is what happens when a candidate for the highest office in the land is not properly vetted ahead of time. If they are elected, then the vetting must occur while they’re in office. Hopefully this will be a lesson for the future. But that’s doubtful.


That won’t stop the storm.

I can’t believe that had to be typed on a Sean Hannity message board.

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If you’re saying that republicans won’t hold trump accountable for anything bad, I definitely, 100% agree with you.