Waters: Deutsche Bank providing Trump financial records for House probe

These are strange times we are living in.


No… it isn’t moving the goalposts. What it is exposing is that to some people crime does pay and not only will people allow it… they will actively support it for their team.

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Yes congress should always investigate Presidents who are corrupt as hell in plain sight.

Lololol i cant believe what i am reading

As a little kid in the sixties and seventies I remember people looking to the Republican party for their Christian values and putting America first.

And as my grandfather use to say “If you kids sit around and watch that TV all day it’ll rot your brain”. We have generations and generations of adults who sat (and still sit) around and watch TV all day. It’s no wonder that the Republican party so massively changed. TV snared them.


Accountable for what?

Using a private server.
Attempted coup.
Fisa abuse.
Spying on presidential candidates .
Collude with the Russians to create an unverified dossier to spy.
Use the media to influence opinion.
Weaponize the Intelligence community and media.
Coverup crimes committed by the political candidate Hillary.

It’s so obvious.

It’s like college football fans. They look the other way when their school illegally recruits athletes while emailing the NCAA that their rival is.

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I can…

Well, first off, there is HR 1 – the Ethics Reform Bill that Mitch McConnell refuses to allow the Senate to vote on.

Then there is the bill the strengthen the Affordable Care Act coming up this week.

There is a Voting Act revision in the works.

Does that satisfy you?

This is the result of a FOIA request and it shows fat donald has been on the FBI’s radar for decades.
It’s time we start vetting our presidential candidates a hell of a lot better than we are doing now.


2 years and 65 days Trump in office and 0 indictments. Yup, so obvious.

Did you forget about McCabe?

I said the same thing when I found out Obama came from Rev. Wrights church of hate, not hard to figure out why America is divided when haters like Obama are President.

McCabe has not been indicted. Also, he was fired for lying about his efforts to go after Clinton. That sort of defeats the narrative your conspiracy theory attempts to establish.

He’s facing a grand jury!

Obama addressed his association with Rev. Wright before he was elected. He apologized and moved on. His haters didn’t.

The hating came from the Right, peddling the birther movement to screaming “Impeach!” every time Obama opened his mouth to tan suits to chewing gum to dijon mustard.

The Grand Jury has been “looking at him” for over 6 months now, and still no indictment. Regardless, if he is indicted for lying to the IG, it will be over him being overly tough on Clinton and her investigation, and has nothing to do with the Deep State conspiracy theory. Still blowing a giant hole in your narrative. I know logic can be hard.

You believe the guy who spied on the Trump campaign, good luck with that.

6 months, sound like there’s more then a little lie.

Or there is not enough there to indict and the Grand Jury has been dismissed.