Waters: Deutsche Bank providing Trump financial records for House probe

Well, Trump voters had to sweat it out getting to the point of the Barr summary but now they’re gonna have to pray that Trump doesn’t have any financial shenanigans in his past/present.

At least we’re getting some oversight now. Can we all agree that’s a good thing for America?

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Presidential Harassment.

he’s probably clean.

Can we see some winning policy from the Dems instead of this ■■■■ always?

well, if they find nothing it will definitely be a loss. if they find financial crimes, well, it won’t matter to the base but it will to swing voters.

Didn’t Trump say his finances were a red line? Its stuff like that and failing to release his tax returns that have many folks suspicious, honestly.

No one on the left it seems has grasped the consequences of the failure to tie Trump to Russia in a 2+ year media fueled frenzy, that would even have had made Joseph McCarthy blush. Why would anyone on the right care of what Maxine Waters and Schiff is investigating? Both are on record of saying the president of the U.S. was a super agent of the Russian state.

Everyone cried wolf for over two years. Trust in media was already at a historical low, I am sure if it was polled now it’s completely in the toilet.


No. Not those books. Those books over there. Marked ICE, In Case of Emergency.

So there shouldnt be any over sight of the president

They had their shot at oversight and they blew it, no more oversight!

Yeah leave the shallow state alone for a bit!

If we treat this President in this manner, let this be the precedent going forward for the treatment of all future Presidents.

I think the best that will happen is that we’ll shine a light on the roach and he’ll scurry away unharmed. He’s the real Teflon don.

When was the last time a President hasn’t released his tax returns?

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Please post a link to that law?

The precedent was set when Trump didn’t release his tax returns, didn’t divest and starting making major bank by being president.

Investigating Hillary 72 times didn’t help much either.

The die has already been cast.

Of things he has done as president. Not things that happened prior to his becoming president.

What law requires that?

Is there any legal reason why they can’t investigate things that happened prior to him becoming president? For instance, if a president was accused of a shady land deal a decade or so before his presidency, would that be fair game?