Washington Yellowbellies get #MeToo Complaints

The Washington Yellow Bellies, formerly the Washington Redskins, have been hit by sexual harassment complaints from 15 former female employees.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of quivering cowards.

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Why Yellow Bellies? Do you think they should have kept a racist name?

Why is their name such a concern to you? You’ve already stated that you are not a part of their fanbase

Which racist name did they have?

Who is the bigger whiner? The person who gets triggered because they think a name is racist or the person who is triggered because that name is no longer used?

Why is that such a concern to you?

American Indians do not constitute a race.
Any talk of “Redskins” being racist must be from an ignoramus. I suspect we have some here.

You are wrong. Our government says differently.

So its okay to mock the appearance of an ethnic group but not a race? An interesting distinction to draw.

It does not say American Indians are a race. I think we’ve found one of the people I was speaking of in my last post.


Yes because making fun of ethnicities is sooooo much better. Holy ■■■■

The latter.

You said Redskins is a racist name. Since American Indian is not a race, please explain. If you want to admit ignorance, no one will be surprised.

We have a winner!!!

Race is a social construct anyway.

Beat me to it

Cool…so we ALL be getting reparations.

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I find it interesting that an entity that responds to a group being offended (whether that offense is warranted or not). I find it curious that stopping the language that offends is characterized as cowardly. Consideration for others is portrayed as weakness. As a moral failing in some respects.

(There is another kind of offense that they should be stopping, but we’ll see about that in fall of 2021.)

Ya got any “redskin” jokes to go with those Mexican and Muslim jokes you told here earlier that were so darned funny?

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