Was there a presidential finding for Crossfire Hurricane?

I have seen the operation described as a covert counterintelligence operation. I have understood before that covert operations like operation zero footprint require a presidential finding and notification of the gang of eight in congress.

in 2016 the Gang of eight included Pelossi and Schiff in the House and Schumer and Feinstein in the Senate.

on the Republican side we had McConnel and Burr in the senate and Ryan and Nunes in the House.

Ryan retires and Nunes claims improper behavior. Nunes gets investigated for improper behavior involving communicating with Trump.

Thing is, if there was a finding then the script for Pelosi and Schiff was laid in place by Obama.

Apparently Clapper said in an interview on CNN that Obama told Strzok to do the investigation.

Does anyone know if there was a finding?

The investigation continued after Trump took office. If there was a finding, Obama wouldn’t be involved.

pesky facts

Strrzok didn’t start the investigation.

Pesky facts

a presidential finding is notification to the gang of eight that a covert operation is taking place.

The key point is that the gang of eight would have been involved. if there was a finding

The clapper interview suggest Obama told him to proceed.

The Clapper interview is wrong he didn’t start the investigation or was he in charge of it.

what was his role, who started it, did you listen to the interview or are you just a bot.


Technically no. He facilitated it and brought it to his boss who started it.

Strzok was all over it from the start.

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He was never in charge of it and was fired by Mueller.

I think his boss was Pearce who is officially credited with starting it.

Bruce Ohr was in it tĂło.

He was reassigned after the bias texts went public.

Notice how you avoid the ny field office info…run from it…hide from it…it will come

The question was

was there a presidential finding to start a covert operation.

That wasn’t in any testimony today.

Did I miss that?

I would like to know also.

to a desk job then was later fired.

let me ask you do you think Cater Page knew he was talking with Russian intelligence or was simply stupid

Not sure about that.

It appears he was clean.