Was Hunter's stash just discovered in the West Wing?

I am sure there is ■■■■ load of drug taking in the Capitol building on both sides of the political divide.

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Why is it wherever a leftist gets caught red handed the left’s excuse is always.

But…but…. Both sides do it.

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I dont care if anyone is snorting coke. Ridiculous they are wasting resources on this.

I sure as ■■■■ do! If they’re gonna party on my dime, I expect a phat rail or two. :rofl:


You would fit right in with the biden cabal.

Pick and choose which laws you will enforce.

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Where was a leftist caught red handed :joy:

Well white handed

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Some righty left a bag of coke in the biden white house.

Everyone knows who was the idiot who left it there.

For some reason, I have this really cartoony vision of some bald officer getting gakked out and screaming, “WHITE POWDER!!!” down the halls. :rofl:


Who was it?

This story is about the Capitol.

Everyone knows! :joy:

If his name is Frank the Tank, it just complete the image perfectly.

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Also what.

Red handed!

Hold up… just read the actual article.

It wasn’t even in the Capitol building.

Why is this news?

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Because it’s the post and they love stringing stories together

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This time it eas in Capital Police HQ.

Guessing the guy ho murdered Ashly Babbit is having trouble dealing with what he did.

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Let that imagination fly free :slight_smile:

Worked for leftists when talking Jan 6th.

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Spin the wheel of zippy responses - where it will land nobody knows.


Ah, don’t be jealous just because I don’t need to get my responses from a book.