Was Hunter's stash just discovered in the West Wing?

Seems a bag of cocaine has been found in the White House. Has the recovering addict fallen off the wagon? Does he keep a little something hidden at the White House for when he stays there?

I can’t get the link to copy, but it appears a bag of cocaine was found in the White House.


Not sure, but I would bet a sandwich it will somehow be blamed on Trump.


A “bag” makes it sound like a lot. Secret service called it a small amount. Probbly some dipsticks personal stash.

Like a zip-lock snack bag, rather than a kilo in a gallon zip lock.

That would be more than a small amount. You could put a couple thousand dollars worth in a sandwich bag

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“remind me not to vote for whoever is bringing cocaine into the white house”

— the idiot left


Well with White House security what it is, your dealer can’t just stroll up to the door with a few snorts. And there are people who get into the White House with more than enough money for a small baggy of cocaine. And White House staff have to go through Yankee White background investigations. It is a lot easier for “special” visitors to get things in.

almost as bad as the clinton white house


Where there is a will, there is a way for Democrats to make anything & everything worse.


“Oops, I forgot my cocaine in the White House again! I’m such a clutz!”



they live completely without a shred of accountability.

how can people be so damn dumb?

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Sounds like Hunter dealer thrown it over the fence for him, but Hunter wasn’t able to find it or someone found it first

what bunch of total corrupt scumbags the Bidens.

all out in the open now. but who cares…. trannies can use the ladies, and climate change and white nationalism are biggest threats!

haha. gawd


Here’s the question? Is Trump in the WH? Have his kids been in the WH lately? No? Then…this is different and isn’t news worthy. That’s how it works in our two-tiered system of justice…
…so move along…


this is what i call “torture fir the thinking man”


wonder what the first black lesbian press sec has to say about this….

lol. actually i dont wonder. i’m too aware

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Checked CNN and NBC.
Both have it on the front page.


Kangaroos don’t do this much jumping. The cocaine was found in a common area visited by hundreds daily. Pretty intellectually lazy to immediately jump to Hunter Biden.

“However, The White House library is part of the public tour experienced by hundreds daily, meaning there could be multiple suspects.”

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If it was his I hope he gets a full pardon. Them I hope president Biden orders him to be given a top secret clearance!