War on the Press!

Trump-like declaration of war on the 4th Estate/5th Column!

In before thinkingman cnn fake news.

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I expect we can hear the condemnations any minute.

Take a break.

I still find it unbelievable that just 15,987 people foisted this idiot upon our whole nation.


Trump’s people uninvited a 26 year old girl.

This 26 year old girl uninvited all the press - twice!


Why is the appropriate amount of outrage not being expressed at this travesty?

I have been very clearly told that without a free press, there is no democracy. And apparently that’s a bad thing.


And “the press” is covering it-even when it doesn’t look good for a Democrat. What does that tell you?

The press is covering what?

Sounds like she views the media as the enemy of HER idea of the American people.

It tells me the obsequious lackies claiming to be the press know she is bad for their preferred brand.

I feel the same way about 63 million.

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We must have more outrage, people.

She hasn’t even been elected yet… simmer down… even if she is elected, she is one of 435… good lord…

A progressive declaring war on the press.

So when they cover Trump doing things like this, it’s Trump Derangement Syndrome. When they cover a progressive candidate doing it, they’re trying to push out someone who is bad for their brand?

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Of course they’re covering it, she’s destroying 'mocracy!

And she self identifies as a socialist, not progressive, so check your privilege and respect her some pronouns and stuff.

What’s going on here? Why is there no outrage?

She’s 28.


Your link is an example of the press covering criticism of Ocasio-Cortez.