War on free speech continues - James Woods suspended on Twitter for posting fun meme 😠

Twitter just suspended James Woods for posting the above meme. Disgusting and utterly transparent.


The war on conservatives continues. Notable actor and conservative James Woods has been suspended on Twitter in very unfair circumstances. How much longer will conservatives put up with this? It’s a risk to voice conservative opinion online, even in light-hearted and satirical memes. :triumph:

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Strange that first so far only red state and infowars the two media giants are reporting this.

Second. Didn’t Woods quit Twitter like two years ago due to censorship. How did he suspended from something he doesn’t use.

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I see someone doesn’t understand the 1st Amendment, again.

It’s no different what Twitter did then what happens on this board all the time when people get put in time out, or have their posts deleted by moderators or get banned forever.

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The Hannity Board is not a public utility.

Neither is Twitter.

Neither is Twitter.

Neither is Twitter. Also James Woods account isn’t suspended.


His account looks like it’s up to me, and I can still read all of his stupid tweets.


There are many qualified voices saying it is a public utility.

Yet another person conned by a fake story to get people riled up.

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Appeal to authority?

Anyone who says Twitter is a public utility obviously has no idea what a public utility is.

Even the internet isn’t legally regarded as a public utility in the US, so how could social media be?

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There are many qualified voices saying that the Hannity Forums are a public utility.


It’s not, but that’s beside the point.

The point is you got outraged over actual #FakeNews.

Don’t duck it…admit you got fooled because I’m guessing the story resonated with what you believe…therefore you didn’t bother to check it out to confirm it.

Admit you were fooled. So awesomely fooled you even put a frownie face emoji in the title!

Read the full article people. His account was locked. Back in July. It’s up now. The point is librul Peter Fonda posted some hate speech diatribe about Barron Trump being locked in a cage with profiles. And nothing happened to his account. And that’s the real shame. An adult movie star of great privilege attacks the 10 or 12 year old son of the president…and nothing happens.

Twitter sucks in that respect.

What is your position on Net Neutrality?

Life is unfair in the big city.

Yeah…thats great. Hate speech toward a kid is ok in your world? Must be nice!

If you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it.

Never said it was.

Twitter is free to operate their service however they wish.

Yes… they can arbitrarily choose sides.

That is freeberty right there.