War on Christmas? Or "Everything is Racist"? You decide

For pointing out the truth about you?

Hint: Go pester someone else.

Well, it’s a minor point to be sure, but this idiocy is coming from the school, not the professor.

As far as being a distraction, you can stow that nonsense: this is all you guys ever like to talk about.

It probably seems that way to you because it gets pointed out so many times when you do it. :man_shrugging:

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Maybe. Ignoring it is also a choice.

But you guys just can’t resist dragging it here. It makes ya’ll positively giddy.

Right… which is worse. The school teaches children.

No, for being rude.

Most examples of “stupid woke-ism” of them are small instances involving a small group of people that the right wing media gloms on to and exaggerates into making it seem like its a nation wide issue. The right is making it a bigger deal then the left is.

They voted for Biden.

A lot of people voted for Biden, what’s your point?

They are Bidenettes

What does that even mean? People who voted for Biden includes the non-woke, the normal woke, and the ultra-woke, and everyone in between.

Blm is racist and domestic terrorist.

I assume this is a reference to the mix of BLM supporters and others who rioted? How can an unorganized mob be a domestic terrorist?

nothing racist at all about a movement about race huh?

It is well known, the most racist people, were the slaves.

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Ignore it? It’s a pleasure to shine the spotlight on your libberism. You’d like nothing more than for us to turn off the light and stop highlighting lib deficiencies. Supreme deficiencies.

You could always stop hearing about it if you wanted. Just stop with lib disingenuousness. :man_shrugging:

It’s only seems rude to you because the truth hurts.

Your tribe didn’t take such a view when they cast us all with tiki torches shouting nonsense about Jews. We were all racists, terrorists, white supremists with barely a high school education amongst us.

You© have earned no better distinctions among your tribe. You are all one. Own it

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You seem to think I had something to do with this. I did not. I don’t even live in New York.

there were no slaves in the 2020 riots

so so sorry

Damn. No idea how you concocted that.

Quit while you’re behind.