War on Christmas? Or "Everything is Racist"? You decide

“Jingle Bells” is banned at an elementary school because some professor declared it to be racist.

Now libs have a multi-front societal siege of wokeness. :roll_eyes:

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1 + 1 = Racist

Good God. People would have to dig deep to reach the same conclusion as that professor. I bet 99% of Americans don’t even know more than the chorus and the first verse. Those who know more than that would have to try to find something sinister. What a complete waste of a person.


betcha he’s ok with fake racist holiday “kwanzaa”

If people can think blm movement is racist, this is possible.

Just to correct something: this came from the school, not the professor

Neither. There’s no war on Christmas and only some things are racist.


Hey, how about homophobia?

I’m surprised the Dire Straights 80s hit Money for Nothing hasn’t been canceled as a pejorative for male homosexual exists in it.

Funky Cold Medina by Tone Loc?

Check out the lyrics.

■■■■ and trans phobia. I’m surprised they’re still on the radio.

As for Jingle Bells being racist? A snooty professor from a city where white parents attacked buses of black children and where discriminatory lending practices began is hardly one to address racism.

But then Boston is a very pot meet kettle part of the U S, and that’s one of a laundry list of reasons I avoid the Commonwealth’s capital.

As for bells on a horse in the snow being racist, :exploding_head:. It’s too bad insane asylums got canceled as these maladjusted individuals can’t even enjoy or tune out popular songs.

I don’t think its a strong stance to say elementary school children shouldn’t be signing the f-word or other ■■■■- or trans- phobic words.

Who said elementary school kids were singing those songs?

I’m making fun of souls so sensitive bells on horses in snowy winter are reminiscent of slavery.

The insane asylums need to be brought out of cancel culture for these sensitive souls who want the state to censor artistic expression.

Perhaps a theocracy or Communist state is a more appropriate country to call home for them since the insane asylums closed.

From the linked article:

The school’s concern about “Jingle Bells” was partially linked to a 2017 article written by Kyna Hamill, the director of Boston University’s College of Arts & Sciences Core Curriculum, according to the Beacon. Hamill’s article explored how the song originated, which included its existence as “a product of the minstrel stage in Boston” during the mid-1800s.

Most times when it’s played on the air, that stanza is now cut from the song.

And that’s pretty pathetic.

The 1980s did not involve a mass acceptance of homosexuals. Anyone who remembers that decade remembers AIDS was new on the scene.

I’m tired of dimwits who want to censor art. As I’ve said, there are more dictatorial societies that would probably be a better fit for these overly sensitive souls who cannot even tune out art that displeases them.

Also from the article:

Hamill told the Beacon the slave imagery Rioux described in connection with the sleigh bells described in “Jingle Bells” had "no connection to the song that I discovered" during her research. She told the Beacon that Council Rock Primary School was the first school she was aware of that had elected to stop teaching “Jingle Bells” and suggested school officials identify a “well-referenced source for this claim.”

Isn’t that the point of the thread, it being removed from an elementary school’s repertoire holiday of songs? There’s no discussion of “canceling” it outside of this context.

Don’t you think your reaction is a little ironic? You’re accusing them of hyperbole using hyperbole.

FWIW, here’s her essay:

Doesn’t change the fact that the school is attributing it that way.

Whether or not it ACTUALLY came from the professor is a convenient distraction from the actual point of the idiocy of woke-ism, and how it continues to tarnish our education system.

And you libs own this stupidity.

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Kids not singing Jingle Bells in a single elementary school is tarnishing our education system?

Sorry that you seem to be able to handle only one example at a time.

The board is replete with countless other examples of stupid woke-ism. I know you know that.


It’s okay, I forgive you.

The board is replete with countless other examples of stupid woke-ism. I know you know that.

And most of them are small instances involving a small group of people that the right wing media gloms on to and exaggerates into making it seem like its a nation wide issue. The right is making it a bigger deal then the left is.