WAR in Ukraine, Putin approves initiation of special military operation (Part 2)

Yea I read that and shook my head, I was not Air Force and didn’t work on helo’s but common sense would say all those are wrong. As to the last one, airframes ARE inspected IF the airframe has been exposed to a high G flight.

But is just a look over. They download the info now and it will let them know if they have to look more closely. During combat our planes were flying 4-5 times a day when on the schedule. That would cover a 24 hr period.

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Yea, I was a plane captain (crew chief) on A4’s, we didn’t have anything TO download. We just looked at the G meter gage in the cockpit, looked to see where the high was and reset.

A good interview. I’m not 100% behind everything he said, but there is very little I do not agree with

The US and its allies are rapidly losing as they attempt to support simultaneous wars of attrition in Ukraine and the Middle East. The US was forced to fire 2 to 3 billion-dollars-worth of missiles in order to shoot down Iranian drones and missiles in the recent counterattack on Israel. US stock of weapons are already severely depleted from the war in Ukraine and conflicts with the Houthis. US production can’t keep up with usage.

A collapse on multiple fronts is inevitable without a major change in direction in US war policy.

The leading Israeli daily, Yediot Ahoronot, has estimated the cost of attempting to down this Iranian flotilla at between $2-3 billion dollars. The implications of this single number are substantial.

Professor Postol writes:

This indicates that the cost of defending against waves of attacks of this type is very likely to be unsustainable against an adequately armed and determined adversary . . .

How many Ukrainians are willing to die to defend western hegemony?

If Ukraine falls, it will be a catastrophe for the West. It will be the end of western hegemony . . .
–Boris Johnson

how many Russians are willing to die to establish Chinese hegomony?

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France is sending in troops. Which means they are at war with Russia. Why is the west pushing so hard for WW3?

Remember how the french made Obama bomb Libya into chaos for some unknown reason?

Left loves endless war…


Watch what happens if old joe gets reelected. The democrats will be cheering on old joe putting troops on the ground in Ukraine. While making excuses when the body bags start coming home


Yes, the war will get bigger. Kind of scary!. All started by a CIA led coup during Obama. Obama was the worst president in my lifetime. And that saying a lot since it was Clinton that started selling our industry to China. Bush kept is going. Only Trump tried to stop it…

I don’t like them any more than you do, but there was no coup. Clling what happened a coup is nothing but Russian propaganda

The pro Russian president of Ukraine leftt Ukraine of his own accord. He was not ousted, he was nor arrested, he was not chased. His own Deputy took over the government until an election was held.

Just like Vietnam. First the french then us.

Can we be far behind again???

I told the war mongers this would all lead our troops on the ground in a country that isn’t even worth the life of one American.

They responded with heaps of scorn. :angry:

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Macron is a fool.

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He’s phrench, they always go too far getting in and too fast getting out

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In so many ways…

A link originally indicating a source for this report has gone dead. The author in an addendum published on his Substack blog May 6 has supplied additional links and discussed the sourcing. The first two paragraphs immediately below accordingly represent a rewrite to update the May 4 article, which France has officially denied, and there are further edits farther down in the text.

Information capitalism!

The imaginings are so very strong.

Based on sub stack garbage no less

The whole thing was made up.

But Biden! Argh!!

Suicidal attacks with hopeless odds only work in Hollywood faerie tales.

Sanctions destroying Russia…. :thinking:

Russia’s oil revenue soared by 90% in April compared to the previous year, Bloomberg reported.

The rise comes as sanctions have struggled to curb Russian energy flows since the war in Ukraine began.

Strong global demand and low supplies driven by geopolitical risks have helped bolster Russia’s energy trade.