WAR in Ukraine, Putin approves initiation of special military operation (Part 2)

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The point wasn’t missed at all.

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We just may find out before this thread hits 10k

Putin’s best bet is still to hang on until winter and then see if the sentiments change.

And if the West is also running out of weapons…

Short answer- I do not think Putin is insane.

Unless he doesn’t think he can

Yeah this is pretty textbook. Escalate to deescalate.

Dude is looking to hold on to some gains.

I’m not even sure right now…but it seems Russia wasn’t that big of a threat after all.

Winter is only a couple months away.

Ukraine won’t clear Russia out by then.

Notice they got those big gains when this round of escalation happened and then not much since then.

Even this latest news is leftover from the last push.

Thinking of internal threats, not external.

He fires off a nuke- he’ll have more internal threats than he can dream of.

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I’m guessing Zelensky is in a tight spot. They need to push methodically to retake occupied land without sacrificing too many Ukrainian soldiers. But if Ukraine doesnt take land back enough quickly they may lose the West’s political will to fight after the winter. So he could push harder which would mean more Ukrainian soldiers lives lost.

No he won’t, most of those threats will be dead, he isn’t going to invite them into his bunker

Putin is not insane…he wants to rule a country and continue to be wealthy.

He doesn’t want to live in a bunker under an irradiated wasteland.

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Zelensky is totally dependent on aid from the US. He is a puppet of Washington, and people running things in Washington have never cared whit about dead Ukrainians.

The stated objectives have been to kill Russians and to weaken Russia, and the US is willing to fight to the last Ukrainian to do that.

conventionally? they haven’t been since Reagan. not for us. one would have thought they would ave been for ukraine; however, their weapons suck, their training sucks, their strategy sucks, and their tactics are absolutely the suckiest. the only thing they have going for them is butt loads of artillery, which they use with outdated tactics which can be overcome with better systems and better tactics.


Unless that isn’t his other option, more likely second option is a bullet to the head

This end comes out 99/100 of times in my list of end game scenarios. 1/100 Putin exacts a negotiated settlement where he keeps a portion of Ukraine and is allowed to continue ruling Russia. 1/10000 times he gets everyone in his circle to agree to ending the world.