WAR in Ukraine, Putin approves initiation of special military operation (Part 2)

With the Ghost of Kiev flying in support!

It appears to have been in a video posted by camp that I missed:

The narrator of the video I posted pointed this out and I agree with it.

Okay. Did you watch the video where this Gettysburg analogy was proposed? If not, what comparison do you see?

You know, nobody realized the significance of Gettysburg until well after the battle ended. I think such comparisons are premature.

all fakes. just like the reports of the ship, the reports of the patriot, and the reports of zeluzny’s death.

it was a very bad week for russian propaganda


When Lee retreated across the Potomac it was clear the Confederacy had suffered a significant setback.

The Ukes can recover and turn the tide. Will be difficult for them.

Unrest in other Russian affiliated republics could help.

Or we are sending Ukrainian Nazis to kill Russians inside Russia.

We say that the Russian leader is insane and totally evil, but we have complete trust that he won’t wipe out American cities with Russian ICBMs.

The arrogance and/or stupidity of the people running things in Washington could get us all killed.

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no worries, Vlad will not target you, you’ve been of great service!

actually they were Russian Nazi’s who went into Russia to kill the other Russian Nazi’s

Do you miss things? Do you miss the point?

You must be spending a lot of time with fake news. I did not hear any of what you mentioned because i do not listen to fake news

The original story was that anti-Putin Russians were responsible for the raid without any involvement from the Ukrainians. It looks like officials in Washington are now saying that there have been multiple covert operations from Ukraine, but Zelensky was not necessarily informed.

Intelligence officials additionally believe Ukraine is behind the bombing that killed Russian military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky, incursions into Russian territory from pro-Ukrainian groups and the killing of Daria Dugina, the daughter of a Kremlin ally, last year.

U.S. officials said some Ukrainian covert operations work largely independently and do not always have the sign off from Zelensky, according to The Times.

The most likely explanation is the Ukrainian intelligence has been working with US and UK intelligence in secret raids. Zelensky and the State Department may be deliberately kept out of the loop.

It would not be first time that western intelligence sent Ukrainians to their deaths in poorly planned clandestine raids. Here is a description of a similar program in the late 1940s:

“You’re sending people into these Soviet-controlled areas — Poland or Ukraine or wherever — with the idea that they’re going to start resistance groups or meet up with the ones already there,” one CIA station chief remembered. “But it’s impossible that these resistance groups can exist under the Soviet security system…. It’s a dream. It can’t work. You’re just sending people to their deaths.” . . . Over and again, Soviet intelligence had conned the gullible Americans, sending the exiles directly to their death or imprisonment.
The Covert Operation to Back Ukrainian Independence that Haunts the CIA - POLITICO

It is likely that Russian intelligence had advance knowledge of the recent raid, which explains the rapid destruction of the forces from Ukraine.

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you only listen to Russian propaganda. I look at all of it. Some has video evidence, some doesn’t. Guess which side usually has evidence? Hint: It’s not your buddy Putin

LOL… destruction. The only thing destroyed was the Russian narrative you’re so loyal too.

The Ivan Khurst is badly damaged, Zeluzny is not damaged at all

The Russian Nazi Rebels fighting to protect the Russian speaking people in Russia from the other Russian Nazi’s in the Muscovy regime withdrew from Bolgorad of their own volition, and a few even went back today and took some pictures at the post office.

The Russian video of the General walking down the street commanding squads was comical.

The staged pictures were hilarious.

The claims about the Ivan Khurst were hysterical.

The claims about Zeluzhny were just damned insane.

When looking one must open ones eyes
Sorry Ben

Biden got a new advisor?

too funny. you refuse to look at what one side says and claim my eyes are closed.

■■■■■■■ hilarious

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Ben calm down

Wagner Group Prigrozhin’s prediction:

Prigozhin outlined both “pessimistic” and “optimistic” scenarios for Russia’s future in the war, noting that he believes the more positive outcome for Russia remains “unlikely.”

The more likely scenario, Prigozhin warned, would see Ukraine restore its pre-2014 borders. This would entail Ukraine retaking control of Crimea, a peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014 that carried important geopolitical significance due to its position along the Black Sea. Whichever side controls Crimea gains access to critical sea ports.

“They will be restoring the pre-2014 borders, and this can easily happen,” Prigozhin said. “They will attack Crimea, they will try to blow up the Crimean bridge, cut off the delivery routes. Most likely, this scenario won’t be good for us. Therefore, we have to get ready for a difficult war.”

In addition, Prigozhin made several suggestions for how Russia can prepare to prevent losses in the ongoing war.

He said Moscow should institute martial law, declare “new waves” of troop mobilization, and transfer resources and funds solely on war efforts such as producing more ammunition.

The “optimistic” scenario Prigozhin laid out would require Ukraine’s Western allies, which have contributed billions of dollars of weaponry to Kyiv’s military, to become tired of the war, with Ukraine agreeing to the negotiating table. Even in this scenario, according to Prigozhin, the Kremlin would only get to keep territory currently in the hands of its soldiers.

This guy has visions of future power.

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He already has posters going up in Russia that say something along the lines of

“A courageous leader instead of a Bunker President”