WAR in Ukraine, Putin approves initiation of special military operation (Part 2)

Ukranian and EU propaganda.

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with the proof of it. Its not propaganda when you find the literature and plans in the “churches”, its evidence. its also not poropaganda that these “priests” were former KGB, its well known that they were. calling it propaganda is Russian propaganda.

Who told you they found “literature and plans” in the churches? Who told you the priests are former KGB?

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lots of people

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Ukranian propaganda. Every bit of it from one source and amplified.

Regurgibleeting from the sheople trough.

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completely false. Not all from one source, just all about one thing. It is factual, not propaganda, calling it propaganda however is nothing but propaganda straight off Putin’s desk.

Yes, it is all from one source. Zelensky. That different media copied it does not make it multiple sources.

Ukranian propaganda parrotted by puppets.


This is the most united Europe has been since 1941. With the addition of Finland, the last of the old allies of Germany are back together again.

How did that work last time?

They won. Because the US can’t mind they own business.

so you didn’t read it all… okay

Russia has been interested in ports with ice-free ocean access since the time of Peter the Great, and western European powers have repeatedly fought wars to prevent that from happening. See Crimean War, allied intervension during Russian Civil War, Operation Silver Fox. The only Russian port with year-round ice-free access to the ocean is Murmansk, which is at the tail-end of the Gulf Stream in the Arctic Ocean.

It is no accident that Turkey and Denmark have been members of NATO since the early 1950s. The addition of new members around the Baltic does not change the access to the Atlantic.

Meanwhile Russia is developing a new trade route to India through Iran.

Yes , much as the US long sought a direct water route from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

What I find amusing is that for some people

Any attempt by the US to do so
=The US is an evil hegemonist state.

Any attempt by russia to do so
= The US is an evil hegemonist state

When did Russia invade Panama? I missed that one.

I didn’t say that. did I?

Truth is for some people their illogical argument transparently displays their anti-American bigoty
Russia seeks trade route = US bad and must be destroyed
US seeks trade route = US bad and must be destroyed.

Bigotry is bigotry is bigotry.

Yes, bigotry is bigotry. If Russia invaded Denmark or Turkey to get better ocean access, perhaps you would have a point.

The sacred rules-based world order is a form of bigotry as well. It effectively means the US and UK are free to ignore the rules they impose on the rest of the world. American taxpayers and American soldiers are paying the price for keeping a global empire afloat.

What it means is that during a war for the survival of your county, civil rights are far from paramount.

Armchair quarterbacking the day after the game is over is so easy isn’t it.

I don’t regurgibleet at the sheople trough.


Absolutely. So is not locking American citizens up.

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Oooooh! That’s a dark, dark path you’re walking from your couch.

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