Walmart to End Sales of E-Cigarettes as Vaping Concerns Mount

He maybe we should ban illegal black market THC vapes? Oh right, already illegal.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: are you all Trump voters?

I’m pretty sure Trump isn’t the President of Walmart. In fact, I doubt he’s ever even been in Walmart.

Did you miss his proposed ban on flavored vapes? That’s all him, not Walmart. Nobody gives a ■■■■ if Walmart sells it.

I have no idea. Probably significantly higher, given there are a lot more people using sugar than sucking on crack pipes.

Yeah, I don’t care. He can’t ban ■■■■■

I have no idea why you call it crack. Nicotine by itself is no more addictive or harmful than caffeine. Did you have a cup of heroin this morning?

Nope. Never touch the stuff, it’s not good for you. You seem a little stressed. We can pick this up later when things cool their jets.

Keep Calm and Vape On!

By the way, estimated US death toll from sugar annually is 25,000. 88,000 from alcohol.

Oh I am calm, let’s see how calm you are when they ban guns eh? You’re all for banning public health risks right?

Ok, I’ll buy that. And?

I don’t own an AR. :wink:

That’s cute, you think they’ll stop at AR’s? Do you believe in the tooth fairy too?

Why are you mad at me? I don’t even own Walmart stock.

And synthetic weed at that. That’s what needs to be banned.

Hey speaking of breathing in crap. ever hear of the health risks of breathing in lead on shooting ranges?

The hell he can’t.

Sure. That’s why I don’t go to ranges.

He can’t. You’ll be ok. Nobody wants to take your pipe.

Weed bans caused theses deaths, the obvious solution is to ban more things.

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You don’t think the FDA can ban flavored vapes? You are mistaken. And nobody wants to take your guns, sound familiar?