Walmart to End Sales of E-Cigarettes as Vaping Concerns Mount

Walmart will end e-cigarette sales as soon as their current inventory runs out, likely in January, over health concerns.

Most likely a pragmatic move ahead of pending regulations, both at the Federal level and in a number of States.

Why not ban cigarettes as well?

Only the Walmart Board of Directors knows that. :smile:

Anyone else find it strange that a few people get ill from vaping and it’s basically treated as a public emergency, but we have mass shootings every other week and Wal Mart took years to implement even the most basic of changes?

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Are they discontinuing selling the e cig batteries also

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Oh how I wish they would stop selling violent video games too.


Get ill? Try being butchered.

Ammo. :wink:

So gee, do you think the answer to people dying from black market THC vapes is to create another black market for flavored nicotine vapes? Because it seems pretty damn stupid to me.

Article says he started vaping because of pain issues. Was he vaping pot?

I think the whole ecig thing is getting blown out of proportion and conflating 2 separate issues.

I think most of these deaths are people vaping pot, while the ecigs such as juul are safe.

Not just vaping THC, vaping black market THC. So the answer to a problem created by a ban is of course to ban more things to create more black market products.

I agree, these issues are separate, and people are not getting that.

And no, Juul is no longer safe. Why? Because they voluntarily pulled their flavored pods off the market which who knew, created a black market for counterfeit Juul flavor pods.

So is an AR in my hands. Until I decide it’s not.

And those crack pipes aren’t “safe”. You’re still sucking crap into your lungs.

Yeah and sugar is even worse for you , ban candy. They market to the cheeldrun!

Probably more likely a revolution from this than ARs.

Good idea. Although I doubt sugar is worse than sucking “flavor” into your lungs. Could be though. Let’s do it.

A revolution, no. Losing enough votes to cost Trump re-election maybe. There is something like 17 million vapers and they are pissed.

Well gee, we have eight deaths attributed to black market thc vapes, what do you think the number is on sugar, or alcohol, higher, or lower?