Walmart to close ALL Portland stores in March

Speculation is that the decision is related to shoplifting.

It may get even better in Oregon. Their legislature is considering a bill to give the homeless $1,000 a month, no strings attached. Of course this could attract some of the California homeless to Oregon.

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“Some have questioned, however, if the decision came about as the result of rampant shoplifting.”

Then they include a social media post by Andy Ngo.



more examples of leftism ruining society.

only accelerates


Portland’s downtown district has lost a net 2,692 businesses since 2019. Portland has more than enough population to support 2 Walmarts,

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I lived in NW Arkansas for 17 years in the town next to the town where WalMart corporate was. My Daughter works for corporate legal and I have friends who work for corporate. And originally being from Silicon Valley I am aware of the steps many cities and counties in California to keep WalMart out of their areas. Once upon a time I was visiting Silicon Valley and went to one of the few WalMart stores built in San Jose. And I was not surprised to see how it was built to be bulldozed. A good friend of mine lives in Portland (he is also from Silicon Valley). And he told me that there are a â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  of California folks who have moved to Oregon. I can believe it when they say the closures is due to under performing. WalMart is pretty well shot on the west coast.

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I really am enjoying this premise that Walmart is - or at least is representative of - society.


A Walmart? :rofl:

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There are three Walmart Stores in Portland … two are closing.

The article made the distinction of the last two in the city limits closing while there are a dozen in the greater metro…suburban…Portland market.

Makes it more challenging for the drug addled shoplifters to get to the other locations.

It isn’t good news no matter how its spun.


One second…think about this…come back…


Why do you think it is?

What stores do west coast people use?


Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.

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We know why it is. Walmart told us.

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Why are they “not meeting financial expectations”?

Go ask Walmart.

i didnt say it was

have fun!

At Walmart.

Maybe it’s something like a negative $950.00 transaction per person that comes into the store? Oh wait…that’s the other sanctuary of California…where Walgreens is leaving for a similar reason. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass: