Walmart shooting

Two dead, and one officer wounded in Mississippi.

They have my thoughts and prayers.

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We have crazy ■■■■■■■■ living among us. A sad fact of life.

Thoughts and prayers while nice will never actually do any good until we start to address the root causes of why the US has so much gun violence. Everyone on all sides of the discussion need to be willing to open their minds and be open to an honest and frank discussion. Just saying ban weapons is a solution but neither is just saying dont mess with the 2A.

This is a complex and nuanced issue but it needs to be addressed otherwise nothing will change.

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There’s always common ground. :wink:

Yep. I thought i felt a small earth tremor though. :wink:

Thoughts and prayers.

Because nothing else is going to happen.

That may have been a democrat walking across the threshold of a church.

Not much news yet but here are the rumors (at this time) behind news…

Freudian slip?

There is nothing complex or nuancey about it.

Punish the guilty, leave the innocent alone. Simple.

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It does for me - I’d guess a setting of some sort but don’t know specifics.

Edit to add: Interestingly once I replied it dropped off my main feed so may be something else in play.

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Dammit. The mental health issue in this country is out of control.

Should have never we institutionalized mental health facilities.

Glad the cop’s vest saved is life!!!

Not near as glad as him I’ll bet. That was good news.

Dang, I had a hard time making that out till I remembered the officer was wearing a vest. Also great that active shooter training saved others.

This is a crazy idiot wanted to start a fire in a Walmart and shoot up the place issue. Every effort should be made to save his life, so he can be put to death.

I edited. Auto corrected to best. I know what I wanted to write dammit.

Yeah, typo. I wasn’t calling you out, just telling my difficultly putting that simple typo together. Duh…-me.

I know. Just explaining…

Just another day in the USA.