#Walkaway campaign going viral, tens of thousands of liberals abolishing DNC in their lives


#walkaway brought to you by idiots who don’t know the difference between mentions and actual people…


Im so out of the loop


That video is hilarious. Weird propaganda.


Gay dude created #walk away from democrats in an effort to sell t-shirts and other merchandise and republicans are falling all over themselves.


Gays do love fashion


Another amazing #walkaway story!

And take the opioids.

During the campaign, Trump said he’d “spend the money” to fix the problem. But in my small town, and all over my state for that matter, the bodies keep piling up. I’m afraid that my two teenage sons are going to become statistics in this human crisis, joining thousands upon thousands of Americans whose lives have been tragically cut short by this powerfully-addictive drug. So when a Democrat running for the US Congress in my district pointed out that Trump hadn’t kept his promise and noted the opioid crisis is actually worse today than when he took office — I actually listened. She said she wouldn’t have done the tax cut, but used that money to fund drug programs — which made some sense. But then one night shortly after, I was watching the Tonys, and Robert DeNiro dropped an f-bomb on the President. Sorry, Robert — you blew it! You just lost my vote, pal.



I can’t blame the guy from NYC hairdressers to CEC media darling…I mean eventually it will end but for now cash in!


Sure they are, honey…lolol


This from the man with the picture of Vlad?


I don’t vote for Democrats in National elections either… because I live in NYC and my vote literally doesn’t count beyond the primaries.

Does that mean I have #walkaway?


Good for him! He has discovered capitalism. And is freeing people from the bondage of groupthink as well. Yay!!!


“Freeing” people from groupthink by promoting groupthinking and selling them a t-shirt :joy:


Liberals are not “most of the country.”


It’s very profitable to be a conservative, if you’re a minority especially.


When you can trace a vast majority of what is “trending” back to /r/the_donald and 4chan/8chan, a movement does not exist, rather a weakly coalesced troll campaign.


Become independent! Join our group!



Thoughts good! Slogans bad! Thoughts good! Slogans bad!


There are literally dozens!


Yes. It’s called parody.