Voters changing their minds


Sort of an anecdotal poll plus maybe some discussion. I don’t see him doing anything to broaden his base.

Who here knows anybody who voted against Trump in 2016 that has changed their mind and will vote for him in '20?

I don’t know anybody like that, and I know quite a few Republicans.

I don’t know anyone who has made that switch either. But I am sure they exist. People are fickle.

But as for my close circle… people who voted against him in 2016 still have the same issues in 2020. Perhaps even worse. Every republican I know voted against him due to his personality. Since that hasn’t changed… they will not be voting for him

I probably should have asked if anybody knows somebody who changed period.

Soooooooo…how about it who knows peoplel who have flipped?

I don’t know anyone who voted for him who won’t vote for him again. I also don’t know anyone who voted Hillary that won’t vote for any D candidate over him.

Hehehe one of them I torment mercilessly. I give him rides to Dr’s appointments and such. So I gave him a 3D printed coin praising President Trump and make him present it to me when I pick him up for rides. :smiley: He’s a good sport. He said when Trump is no longer president (he says 4 years and I correct him to 8 years) he’s going to destroy the coin.

Why do you derive pleasure from tormenting others?

I know a couple of strident Republicans who voted for him in '16 that are embarrassed by him now and won’t be voting for him.

You should ask him that . . . this is payback for many many many years of him doing stuff to me :smiley:

I would think most voters are team oriented and the population of independents is small compared to the respective bases. It comes down to how charged the base is then for them to be motivated to vote.

it’s the cruelty – they revel in it.


what did he do to you?

So far we have two flipping away from him.

I’m wondering if his chances are not good in 2020.

My reasoning is it appears he has gained very little in the number of supporters and possibly lost some. I’m thinking most people who didn’t vote in '16 were disillusioned Democrats who either supported Sanders and or didn’t like Clinton or both and figured there’s no way a clown like Trump will be elected. These people will not stay home this time. Since he won by a razor thin margin (despite his insane claims) It seems to point ot defeat in 2020.

I know, I know, I was horribly wrong in '16 but I think this is a reasonable scenario.

I agree. His core supporters may be hugging him tighter, but he’s lost many and is gaining no new ones.


It will all come down to a handful of states as it always does. I have seen polls that have him down while a lot of the betting companies have him up, will have to wait and see my personal opinion is it will be based on whether the economy holds up and who the democrats end up nominating. Will the democrats nominate and Obama type figure, who was young and brought a flood of enthusiasm to the party or will they nominate another Hillary type figure?

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I’m in California and Trump voters hide like roaches, don’t know anyone flipping the other way though.

If you consider the amount of older Trump 2016 voters in swing states who have either died or will die before 2020 and the new Democratic voters who were too young last election, Trump will probably need some Hillary voters to win.

And that doesn’t even account for all the voters who sat out in 2016. A lot of Trump supporters don’t understand that he drew an inside straight. Almost everything that he needed to happen happened. Winning in 2020 won’t be easy at all even with a good economy.

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It doesn’t matter what California thinks, or were I live in Washington we go blue regardless. Ohio, Virginia, NC, Florida, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and possibly Michigan will decide who wins. We might as well write in Mickey Mouse.

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I just don’t have any cool stories to add, we are all too educated and successful out here to be Trump voters.

I’d say it’s the democrats race to lose. Should be an easy win for them if they don’t go crazy and nominate someone who I don’t know, wants to spend trillions on Universal health care and hundreds of billion on free college or something.

Saw an acquaintance last weekend who has been a very big Trump supporter over the last couple years. He believed almost every nutty conspiracy theory about the Clinton’s as well. I was a bit surprised to see he’s not nearly as enthusiastic about Trump now as he used to be. He of course mentioned Trump’s behavior and also the tariffs issue. He’s also a longtime farmer.

Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million to arguably the most toxic candidate he could have faced. The only reason he won overall was the very narrow victories in 3 key states.

Not sure why Trumpists are so confident he’s going to be re-elected.

If there was ever a time for Dems to pander to the center, it’s NOW. Honesty, integrity, competence, intelligence, stability and decorum. ALL of those things need to be re-established in the oval office after this lowlife Presidency is over.

PLEASE DEMS, put the progressive agenda away for a bit. For your country. Focus on getting us back on track so we can hopefully forget Trump ever existed.