Volker resigns from State Department

Looks like we have our first casualty of Trump’s Ukraine fiasco. What a week.

First victim of Rudy’s Giant iPad Texts?

Combination of tuberculosis and a tomahawk to the head.

Who would have ever thought that Rudy Guiliani of all people would be key to bringing down the administration.

You know what?

He is the hero!!!


I was thinking about this earlier.

I want him booked on every single right wing radio and TV show from now until this all ends.

I mean…seriously- he should be a recurring guest.

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Looks like Volker doesn’t want to be a scapegoat.

Trump Administration saving American dollars by reducing government spending on unnecessary jobs. We never should have had a special envoy to Ukraine anyways. Let Russia reabsorb Ukraine so that we no longer have to spend tax payer dollars in that silly country.


Reminds me of the movie American Gangster when Frank Lucas is staring at the picture of the corrupt cop Trupo at the end, after after giving up the goods to nail him, and says to himself “You are special, agent Trupo.”

It was very interesting to watch Maguire, a Trump appointee with 5 weeks on the job, at times seem to be trying to do the right thing in his testimony. He wouldn’t characterize the whistleblower as disloyal, or suggest that they hadn’t followed the law. He said they would be protected under the statute, as far as he could ensure it.

Secretary after secretary, adviser after adviser, falls victim to Trump’s corruption, decides they’ve had enough, and gets thrown under the bus, their reputation (usually) in tatters. At some point, people are going to decide early on " ■■■■ this noise, I’m saving myself. " When the many, many people in the thick of this story start coming (or getting pushed) forward, the party line will be abandoned wid a quickness. Nobody wants to be G. Gordon Liddy Jr.


This is fine…

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That was a perfect resignation, 10/10.

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such a nothingburger that a former CIA and veteran foreign service officer decided to throw it all away…

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Ha. Old school Family Guy.

The Dems screwed up though.

When asked if he discussed the whistleblower with Trump, he claimed conversations with the President were privileged.

Later he was asked if he discussed Ukraine with Trump and he said he hadn’t.

You’re not allowed to do that. You can’t claim one conversation with the President is privileged while answering a straightforward question about another conversation with the president.

Any good lawyer would have spotted that. The Dems let it go.


This is also Infrastructure Week as well, right?

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btw this was broken by…a University Student newspaper

someone is about to have their phone inbox filled with job offers.

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Good catch.

Say what you will about AOC (and may people here do), she was penetrating and concise in her questioning of Cohen.

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Unfortunately also with death threats.