Virginia newspaper runs full KKK recruitment flyer on front page

So this Virginia newspaper the Westmoreland News in a story about the KKK prints a full size copy of their recruitment flyer. Not surprisingly, there were a lot of objections from local citizens. (You can see some comments on their Facebook page, though the story is not showing there.) The paper did run a disclamer saying, “Westmoreland News in no way condones or supports the content or message of this flyer, nor does it condone or support any branch of the Loyal White Knights, or the KKK.” A local TV station who contacted the editor said, “She explained that she wanted to put it in to show people that those of us in Colonial Beach who may think there’s not racism…I think she didn’t expect for this to blow up the way it did.”

Very very dumb editors.

2018 the best year to be a White Male in America.

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Indeed. The KKK must have payed for this, and of course, the newspaper is going to accept that because they need to make money. That I can understand. However, I’m not sure why they would want to be associated with such a militant, violent organization even with the disclaimer. Especially in a state that has gone blue over the years like Virginia.

It wouldn’t have been quite so bad in a red state?

It would have been more expected in a red state, but not necessarily better.

Well, the editor’s statement to the TV station about wanting to show people what racism looks like shows a real lack of intelligence of what an editor needs to consider before running something in the paper. That’s naivete at its worst.

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I gotcha, the KKK is accepted a bit more in right wing states.


I don’t know - there’s been so much talk in recent years of how racism only exists in the minds of liberals trying to foment civil unrest, maybe it’s not entirely bad to show these cockroaches off in their full glory, and put to rest any contention that they don’t exist.

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I suspect there’s good people at the newspaper as well…

Oh there’s plenty of racism around. Just look at BLM during the Obama years. They even got treated to a WH visit. :roll_eyes:

Or a race baiting troll in canada.

They probably allow democrats to buy ads as well so it evens out.

No there hasn’t.

Racism will never be expunged from the hearts and minds of men, it has though long been expunged from the government.

Institutional racism is long dead.

That is why a black professor was arrested trying to enter his own home?

Where do institutions come from?
Where does racism come from?

The institutions come from gov’t and when unlawful discrimination occurs, as rare as it is, the gov’t comes down hard on it.

There’s no quicker path to a nice fat settlement/retirement check than filing an EEOC lawsuit.

He was arrested because a neighbor saw two men breaking into the house and called police and when police showed up Gates refused to identify himself, cooperate in any way, and got mouthy with the cops.

I don’t give a damn what race you are that’s going to get you taken to the station.

He was on his property and has no legal requirement to show identification to a police officer.

What about the four black woman who had the police call on them because they were golfing.

What about the Black police officer who had the police called on him because someone though he was a robber.