Virginia Governor Race

Who’s going to win?

  • McAuliffe
  • Younkin

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Is this a referendum on Wokeism and CRT in K-12?

  • Yes both
  • No neither
  • It’s racist

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Is there a danger that a win against CRT could spur a movement against it?


Youngkin, big mistake to send out the fake white supremacists. No idea how much various issues contribute to that but certainly the school thing is a big part of it.

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That was McAuliffe, no?

I think this is gonna be a closer version of the 2017 Nothram - Gillespie race. Nothram won by 250k. I think McCauliffe pulls of a squeaker.

Lincoln Republicans took credit for it, but some of them were his staff…


I would like it to be Younkin. He definitely has a more positive message.

But I am kind of worried for him. I voted for him this morning and every candidate I have voted for since 2008 has lost!

Maybe today I will break my streak though!

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Youngkin’s staff?

No, McAuliffe’s. I was saying Youngkin would win and that it was a mistake for McAuliffe to send them, sorry if it wasn’t clear.


Never underestimate how deep lib hatred goes. This was all fair game to them. :man_shrugging:


how could anyone think the democrats arent going to employ all their usual cheats?



Which cheats?

any that are needed

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But you inferred they had done this before. So which ones?

i dont know. depends on how many more votes dems have to gin up.


Y’all won’t be turning this into another election fraud thread.

dont worry

Understood. It’s already played out like a typical election fraud thread. Someone claims dems cheat to win and is unable to prove that assertion.

I’m not. :wink:

You are already planning excuses in case GOP lose? Come on man…let this election proceed without this nonsense.