Virginia Governor Race

yes a big danger. it would also reenergize the non-left base, in the face of the slow motion tripping fumbling debacle that is the biden admin

mcauliffe losing is just not an option for them

I’m not going to predict anything. They claim California recall election was going to be close on who will vote yes on recalling Newsom. In the end it was 61.9 to 38.1.

For reference 2020 presidential vote Biden 63.48 Trump 34.32.

And that’s with all Newsom BS.

So as you can see…it’s pretty hard to shake off that indoctrination once you become a democrat.


we’ll discuss it all in a future thread about mcauliffe’s “miracle” victory

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Not a miracle. Dems usually vote for dem candidate. Same for republicans.

Biden won by about 400k votes. But I still think it’s 50/50 at this point.

and i still think the election process is a joke now

but what can ya do

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i bet only a small percentage of VA dems know what actually happened vs the narrative

what really is doesnt matter. what dolts actually think and believe is key

dems rely on this


McAuliffe flat out lied last night…something about Youngkin spending the final night of his campaign with Donald Trump.

That was an easily proven lie.


a democrat outright lying? naaaahhh

what a scumbag


Based on?

I think it is too close to call. There has been a month of early voting. Momentum over the last couple weeks has clearly been for Younkin, but I suspect a lot of votes went in before the shift sunk in, The real question is how many early voters would like to change their vote,

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I pray that Americans will start rejecting these people…the rules for thee not for me shut up and obey we know what’s good for you power hungry frauds on the lib left have shown their true colors and they aren’t pretty.

Maybe Virginia will give America a win today and elect Youngkin and reject that worn out old lib.


I think the movement against CRT is already out there and has been for a while now.


You really should be able to change your vote as long as you do it by election day.


people depend on this i’m afraid. those who will reject it already do

that’s not going to be allowed to happen.

Do you think voters are that malleable these days? Especially given the issues (CRT, school board policies) being cultural in nature. Early voters made up their mind a while ago.

The chart at this link

RealClearPolitics - Election 2021 - Virginia Governor - Youngkin vs. McAuliffe!

Says otherwise.

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Races always tend to tighten at the end as more people become engaged and form a more solid position about the candidates. Early voters tend to be more engaged overall, more motivated, and less likely to change positions.

Just curious, how would this work given that ballots are secret and not associated with a specific voter.

Change the system so all votes are traceable back to the voter?

With traceable voting replacing secret ballots, how long before hackers get to the information or even scarier is the fact that politicians (both DEM and GOP) will gin up some reason to get access.


Early voting is a useful procedure in today’s busy world. The big question really is how long of a period it should be. I personally believe 5 days, including election day (Friday of the week before through election day) would be more than sufficient to provide ample opportunity for voting. It would also make sure that the campaigns fully played out before voting began.

As to changing your vote, it would have to be in person and require the clerk to return your original ballot before allowing you to cast the change.

The very first time I heard the phrase early voting I knew it would be a tool for cheating and undermine the entire process.

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