Virginia Cop Identified As Part Of White Nationalist Group

" Morley ― using the moniker “Danimal876” ― had been posting on the white nationalist group’s private chat server since at least 2017, according to The Daily Beast. He used that handle on multiple platforms, including the white supremacist forum Stormfront, to espouse racist views and engage with likeminded bigots as far back as 2009."

These people are everywhere. Could be cops. Could be business owners. Could be salesmen. And I don’t think there is an easy way to stop them from speading there hate and intolerance.

And i bet my paycheck that there’s a lot more from where this came from.


Was he the guy in the k_k_klown costume with the governor?

What he does on his personal time is none of our business.


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No, he was the guy in blackface with the governor.

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They’re under your bed and hiding behind every corner too.

Be afraid, be very, very afraid.


Remember…all 24 showed up, in one single group, to show their solidarity and strength at the last national gathering in front of the WH.

It is scary. I imagine it’s easier to brush this aside when you are not in the typical group they hate.

On a small funny note, I know he wanted his user name to be Da Animal, but it comes across as he’s a big kids yogurt fan.


take note of people in the country who make a joke out of this kind of stuff. it will educate you.


My hope in all this, as 45 continue to run his mouth and tweet with his little fingers spewing his rhetoric, these folks continue to come out of hiding.

Come on out, stop talking in the abstract and show us who you are, so we can deal with you accordingly. The sad part in all of this, as a Christian, there is an infestation of these people within “the body of Christ”(the church) and it’s been ongoing for a few centuries. Yeshua wept…

You found a racist cop? NO WAY!!!

These people that are coming out of the woodwork are exactly as I have described them on this board over the years. And I was ridiculed for my posts and called a liar.


Yep. For years!

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Probably holding hands with all the socialists and communists

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I agree. They’re here.
I remember when Crosswalk had a message board(a Christian based message board) similar to this, I had a argument with a pastor from Oklahoma who decided one day to post black people should be happy that slavery happened and were brought to this country instead of having to run around in the jungle. The argument eventually got me banned. What bother me the most in that exchange was one, this guy is leading a flock and two there were people on the board that agreed.

Just as you point out this bigotry isn’t new just louder. I think the goal shouldn’t be to shut them up but to push them to the periphery where they belong. They’re free to speak and even to march if given such licenses but they should also be ostracized

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On his way out the door…

I love the fact that what people post on right wing racist websites can be used as evidence against these people.

They probably think no one will ever find them out.


What’s surprising is, this is actually surprising to some people…

I remember at least one person on this board who would write long posts, start threads, making that very claim.