Virgina Lt Governor and Kavanaugh

So both were accused of sexual assault, but as we can see the dems believed the white liberal professor without question, but won’t believe the black liberal professor with much more proof and in recent times as adults?

The white liberal professor is a political opponent of Trumps, but the black liberal professor was a democrat working with the LT gov. at the time. So no political bias. If they did believe the black liberal professor, they’d be calling for the Lt gov resignation immediately…

What’s going on?


And they say only demcorats lay down the race card :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


When you say “the Dems” are you being inclusive of all Dems, some Dems?

I have not openly discussed my thoughts, but I have a feeling that my response might throw your argument out the window.

Then why weren’t you leading the charge to get rid of the accused rapist?

Why not simply put your argument out there, why ask if Cratic3947 is being “inclusive”?

So your OP is not correct.

Since you sided with Kavanaugh during his hearing, you side with Fairfax.

Did you spearhead a campaign to discredit his accuser?

Sure, Fairfax should resign.

If the the dems learned anything is not to rush to judgement or pay a political price. But for the op to invoke race into this is ■■■■■■■ retarded for lack of better words

Considering the timing, I would suspect this topic came up in Rush’s opening monologue


The dems got their ass handed to them in the senate over this. Why rush to judgement again…

More than likely.

We always new before all of the publicity that Kavanaugh was automatically guilty.
There was no need to even give him a chance to defend himself.
He’s a White Republican. He doesn’t have a right to due process. None those Racist
White Conservatives do. White devils.

The Lt gov. just made a mistake. everyone makes mistakes. He wasn’t racist back then, and he isn’t racist now, and it was just a joke, so it makes it ok. Dem Dems will make sure that he stays safe. After all, Democratic Politicians wouldn’t want to ever to be labelled Racists, or the Racist party. Especially since they supposedly “love” the minorities in this country, and would never take their minority vote for granted.


You have your politicians mixed up.

More cards from the Race deck

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You are confused. Lt. Governor is accused of sexual assault. He had nothing to do with racism.

I bet you were referring to Bill Clinton… Didnt a republican speaker of the house get convicted of molesting little boys

This entire post is completely and wholly nonfactual in its sweeping, broad-brush characterization of many members of this board who claim affiliation to the Democratic Party.


No, he really just wants civil discourse in a healthy political forum, you just don’t see it.

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And he turned out to be a pretty rotten SOB in reality after he left Washington and returned to is backward way of life in Illinois.

Let’s call it what it is. There is a Rape Culture in all of Washington. It doesn’t matter what side of the Aisle. There are a lot of scum bags on either side. I’d never let my daughter work in the capital.

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And Jim Jordan who is still around. I guarantee you if he had a D after his name the GOP would have screamed bloody murder.

But now they defend sexual predators, nominate them to be POTUS, SCOTUS, and give them ranking on committees if they turn a blind eye to abuse. #todaysGOP

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