Virgina Lt Governor and Kavanaugh

A lot of has to do with the fear and victimization culture that lies at the heart of the Republican party. Broadbrushing makes it easier to identify a perceived enemy.

It is a very sensitive subject that we need to wait until the invesigstion is complete. The QB from FSU was accused of sexual assualt come to find the woman lied and just wanted attention. He was kicked out the school

I’m with you on that.

Oh, it’s convenient to spear the opposite side with the latest scandal-du-jour, but the tables will be turned in a few days.

I’ll go one step further and say the culture exists throughout “power tiers” in our society. Not just politics, but celebrity circles of all sorts (media, entertainment, sports, etc.), in corporate circles, religious circles …

Not everyone in the position to wield power does this, of course. Probably not even most of such people. But it happens enough. It happens too much. Whether it’s out-and-out rape, or just leveraging power and influence to “encourage” someone to go further than is comfortable.

But back to your point, K, yes, it’s not the realm of one side or the other, and IMO it diminishes the gravity of the problem when someone tries to leverage an incident for political purposes.


Who didn’t get convicted because…

The poster clearly don’t care.

Debate is not their focus.

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That is a very astute point. And further proof that the dark propaganda of fear of an “other” that is promoted by many in rightwing circles has a very damaging impact on some of those consuming said propaganda.

Absolutely agree with you 100%!

Guv…I would agree with that. Power corrupts the moral compass of a person in a great many respects. I had a boss once who was a fine upstanding Christian man. 4 kids, beautiful wife, religious leader ( youth pastor). Had an elicit affair with one of my coworkers who was only 19 at the time. I was 23. I was his right hand assistant, and saw it was going to hit the fan. So the week before all hell broke lose, I told him I was going to need a week vacation as my friends and I were going on a week long fishing trip to Northern Wisconsin for the Elusive Musky. I want to be as far away from there as I could. I told him I’d check in every couple of days. One day I called after about 2 days into my “TRIP” and he was freaking out, they had suspended him, his wife was going to divorce him, and he wanted me to come back and meet with the President of the company on his behalf. Told him NO CAN DO MIKE, I didn’t drive, and I have no way home. I called two days later and he’d already been fired.

I say this to point out. that even the “finest of citizens” when given power, can lose their moral compass when it comes to getting what they can’t have. I saw him once after that, and he told me he was disappointed that I was not there for him. I told him I was disappointed in HIM and the person I was going to be there for was PATTY the girl he was screwing. She thought he was in love with him. LOL…he was just using her.

This was my first lesson in absolute power corrupting absolutely. Names have been changed obviously I wouldn’t use real names.

Breaking news, the baby killer rapist has another woman coming forward with her experience with democrat rapists Fairfax.

So what will it be?

Racist baby killer?
Multiple rapist baby killer?
Or other racist. :rofl:


I’m going the ‘conservative’ route this time - innocent until proven guilty.

Conservatives it seems, have chosen a different route this time.

If this was the Kavanaugh hearing we’d be suspicious of another accuser coming forward. So much has changed in such a short time.

the professor had alerted Virginia Congressman Bobby Scott about the alleged assault over a year ago. An aide to Congressman Scott confirmed to CBS News that Tyson first approached him about the alleged encounter while the Washington Post was investigating her claims last year.


The Washington Post was investigating…

Sounds like Scott reached out to Washington compost but didn’t do anything about it.

Between this article and another one I’ve read someplace.

Which makes Scott just as guilty as the rapist. I wonder if they like beer.

Someplace I’ve read that Scott had his own problems.

Not sure what became of it.


I don’t know if he’s a racist baby killer, Multiple rapist baby killer, or other racist. What I do know is he should resign or be forced from public office, and if the evidence is credible be investigated. If he’s guilty, he should pay the max punishment.

yes x 100.

There will be no criminal investigation nor punishment.