Violence against teachers is on the rise!

Maybe parents don’t like people indoctrinating their kids.

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Ha haha :laughing:

Only the loud jerks that used threats.

Yeah, I know…like the ones screaming at the Jews.

The FBI is special like that. Don’t like the leftist agenda, investigation for demestic terrorism.

Hate the Jews…no problem, nazi up.


I thought the discussion was about non-college kids, and how some parents bash the teachers, instead of holding their kids responsible for their actions and/or grades.

Hell, I thought the discussion was about “violence against teachers on the rise”…like those jewish teachers “we” don’t like.

You know what…now that I think about it, you’re right. We need to focus on those parents that get mouthy when their daughters get molested by a tranny rather than those kids screaming at the Jews.

We all know who the real problem is, right?

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Indoctrination is sort of a buzz word these days, but if the parents are very religious there are solutions to this problem. Either get their kids in Catholic/Christian schools or home school. There is a real world out there and students need to be taught about it. That means the Civil War happened, and it was because of slavery. That means the Civil Rights movement happened, and it was because of Jim Crow. That means that gay students shouldn’t be harassed for who they are.

It’s not indoctrination to teach students about the world they live in, in an honest way. Granted, things can be and have been taken too far and a lot of what is taught is not appropriate for younger students. Parents need to have some agency here. But Parents also have to stop making schools the enemy, they have to stop trying to censor teachers and alter textbooks to eliminate things like evolution or slavery. And if they face resistance, they have to stop threatening teachers and administrators.

Right, as soon as they don’t have to pay double.


That last clause is problematic.

Puts meat on the table how?

kid you not

Unless we do something about this, children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle

no joke

poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids

you can’t make this stuff up


NJ is currently one of the better places for education (although it’s very dependent on district), but even here there’s considerable decline:

Quit trying to indoctrinate kids into left wing propaganda and parents will stop their criticism.

In these parts we voted left wing school board members out.

No more leftist propaganda! :+1:

Actual teaching of Reading, writing, and math rather than the nonsense you people advocate.