Vigilantes detaining migrants at gumpoint

A group calling itself the United constitutional patriots has begun stopping migrants at the border at gun point. . As far as I’m concerned they should be arrested for kidnapping and spend the rest of their lives in prison

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They is such a thing as a citizen’s arrest and the actual act of crossing the border is a misdemeanor offense. As long as they immediately notify law enforcement that they have detained somebody, they have not committed an offense themselves.

NOTE: The proceeding comment is not meant as a DEFENSE of the militia’s activities per se, just a statement of the legality of their actions.


Do they have to have seen them physically cross the border in this scenario?

If they have a reasonable suspicion that just crossed the border, that would be sufficient to relieve them of criminal liability, even if the border crossing didn’t happen in the previous few hours.

Of course, this only works if they are operating right at the border. If they are 10 miles from the border and detaining people, that assumption of legality goes away.

Sounds good to me.

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Yeah I am guessing they are within the law and operate as so, as much as the fact they are there may upset people.

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My suspicion is their attorney’s have advised them exactly what they can and cannot do and how to stay within the limits of the law.


It will be interesting to see what the official word will be from the Governors office and the Border Patrol office. And I wonder if the WH will answer questions. In the meantime I hope nobody gets hurt.

But not for the Border Patrol.

Who gives a ■■■■■


It would seem based on this case:

That New Mexico requires the offense to be a felony…

That makes zero sense.

Apparently you, thanks for posting

Then ignore it.

Too bad.

No seriously. Who gives a ■■■■ if some people get “upset”?

200 illegal crossings thwarted so far. They seem to be doing a lot to raise awareness.


Probably not. example. You see someone driving your best friends car, and he told you last night someone stole it.

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Well the Governor seems to be a idiot since she stated in the article “regular citizens” have no right to arrest anyone. :roll_eyes:

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Seriously? The rest of their lives? Most murder/rapists don’t get that. Me? I would deputize them. They already seem to know how to defend the border.

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