Video Shows Border Patrol Vehicle Hitting Native American Man, Then Driving Away

Trump’s America.

What exactly did Trump have to do with this? Was he driving or did he order them to hit the man and flee?

Obama’s America… .

UN ambassador Samantha Power’s motorcade kills child in Cameroon

holy crap. i hope that’s fake.

Nativism is evil.

Now it’s wrong to run someone over.

Can I repeat that for you.

It’s wrong to run someone over.

But who in their right mind see’s a vehicle coming at a fairly high speed and PURPOSELY walks into the middle of the road, stops, and turns toward the vehicle???

This doesn’t pass the smell test with me. There is more to this story than meets the eye in the video.

One has to ask themselves why upon seeing a vehicle coming, you’d purposefully run out into the road so as to get hit? What is your agenda? The second part though is why the driver wouldn’t stop and address it? Was the man hurt? Why would the agent not have questioned the guy for doing that and why didn’t he stop?

i know when i hit someone with my car i just split. doesn’t everyone?


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From your link:

Power said she learned of the death with “great sorrow”.

She said she met with the boy’s family to “offer our profound condolences and our grief and heartbreak”.

In the linked video of the OP, the driver drives off. As in “hit and run”.

So if this is the example you’d like to use, yeah, go for it.

This is a false flag anti fossil fuels Cristi actor. Wake up.

That was stupid.


Also, he recorded it himself. I can smell the stink from GA - this appears like a deliberate attempt to drum up outrage.

Yeah I wondered about the video. Smells like it was planned.

Looks to me like the BP was somewhere it shouldn’t have been doing something it shouldn’t have been doing.

Interesting the comment about “on or off duty”.

if it looks like a severe variation of the bump and rob scam that occurs in the city, then I might keep driving.

The pedestrian clearly sees the car. He insures he is hit. Driver stops to help. Accomplices come out of cover and rob, kidnap, or kill driver.

I would call it in. I’m not an EMT.

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Lol where do you live in fear of armed robbers and carjackers? That’s not really a thing anymore because people don’t carry cash and cars have killswitches and GPS tracking.

You would try to justify a hit and run by a cop though.

The saddest part is it’s not even surprising anymore. It’s expected

Trump was in the truck?

The Border Patrol agent had plenty of opportunity to stop and not cause harm

He chose not to do that.

He needs to be fired and charged with vehicular assault

His values were. His demonization and dehumanizing of the non-white has consequences.

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