Video Shows Border Patrol Vehicle Hitting Native American Man, Then Driving Away

What in the actual ■■■■ were you two watching? The vehicle was practically stopped as it drove around the small tree, and that is when the guy was moving out into the dirt path. Calling it a road is pretty lame fellas.

The piece of ■■■■ driving could have avoided him easily. Or are you two saying that you would not have been able to simply steer to the left a little when you saw where the man had stopped. :rofl:

The truly scary thing is that you really think that is a legit comparison.

Have you been to Russia?

It seems obvious that the guy was filming because they probably always do that due to constant skirmishes with the BP. It’s absurd to say the vehicle had no choice. It was so slow it was practically stopped, before turning to where the man was stopped and driving straight toward him.

Want to explain how this question relates to something that happened in the United States?

Ok. Just wild speculation and exaggeration.

I’m not shocked you can’t see the country is more racist under Trump. Not shocked at all.

It’s not. That’s your 'magination.

I should say more openly racist. You must agree to that if you have even one shred of integrity.

So if I don’t agree with your sweeping generalization, your opinion based on your emotions and absence any semblance of facts, I have no integrity.

Now that is a dilemma.

It’s common for people to run out and get hit by cars for insurance claims…go look it up on youtube…

It was really just answering your question about does ot why this happens…it does…just more amusing fun fact

I can even read the phone book without seeing the racism inherent in it.

Also the Texas Concentration Camps.

The Border Patrol doesn’t work for the Republic of Texas.

Considering the source i’ll take that as a compliment. :+1:

I probably saw the same video as you but with out the partisan viewpoint? It was clear to see that both were at fault.

You haven’t read about the mom of three who was killed in front of her kids by a guy who tried to hijack her car?

I didn’t say it wasn’t nonexistent, just that it wasn’t really a thing anymore. I was around and I’m the right places to see it when jackings and armed robberies were through the roof.

I didn’t even point out the absurdity of the kidnapping part. If someone puts the snatch on you in this day and age like that, you a dope dealer or other type of crook.

clearly that justify a government agent running someone over and driving away.

did you watch the video? The supposed victim is recording the BP vehicle, he faces the oncoming vehicle and positions himself to be sideswiped. There is no thud. The guy just falls to the ground. He is apparently not stunned nor dazed or in pain. And miraculously SOMEHOW still has his phone in his hand and pointed in the direction of the BP vehicle a second after being hit and reads off the license plate number.

And you believe this.