Video released of the supposedly peaceful insurection

of course some on teh right have said the coup attempt was peaceful. including several congressmen…

now bodycam video has been released showing just how big of a lie that is

no video in the link,the video is on twitter but it full of obscenities…


any congressmen claiming it was peaceful should be tossed out of congress on their ass
and a few congressman like paul gosar should be in jail for helping the coup


Now will Kamala bail him out?

He’s clearly ANTIFA.

Prosecutors say that the 56-second tape shows Webster, wearing a red coat among a large crowd of pro-Trump rioters, screaming profanities at officers, threateningly wielding a flagpole, and finally rushing at the officers, who engaged in hand-to-hand combat with him and other members of the mob. One of the officers eventually wrestles away the flagpole, but Webster then tackles the cop to the ground.

Brutal is the violent faction of BLM and Antifa.

That was pale in comparison.

Why aren’t both held to the same standards by the justice system?



Wow. Look at all of those rowdy Antifa, BLM’s, and democrats.


No, we need Capitol Police reform. :wink:

Send out the Social Workers.


I wonder how long the January 6th thing will go on. It’s January 6th all summer long last year. People speak of it like it was 9/11.




Who did this?

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The January 6th thing will go on as long as folks can get some mileage out of it.

Never mind the violent arm of BLM and Antifa and how much worse they are.


You remember that time BLM and Antifa broke into the Capitol to stop the electoral process?

That was crazy.

They are just peaceful protestors.

Thank goodness Portland Police Crowd Control resigned.


I’m sorry that Jan 6th will forever be the exclamation point on Trump’s disastrous presidency. It’s a cross his sycophants will have to bear.

So, you cannot address anything but Trump?

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Probably best thing for everyone that they quit. If you can’t or unwilling to perform the job, get out. Let someone else do it.

Nothing about the robbing, beating, murdering, setting fires or anything more horrific than Jan 6 that has been happening in this country?


I completely agree. Now, who is that someone else?

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Actually, it isn’t.

I’m responding to this thread. Never caught the guy claiming to be a Trump supporter. Is that just assumed?

Anyone care to respond?