Video of melting a machine gun barrel

I think someone here might like this


M240? Can’t get a real good look at it. As much fun as it would be to do that, I would never treat a fine weapon like that in such a brutal manner unless it were a matter of life and death. Not to mention I couldn’t afford the ammo. :wink:


Looks and sounds like a puny M-249.

I did the same to a BFA in Benning once. Armorer also had to replace the flash suppressor it got welded to. lol


That was my main thought as I watched it.


Now…may we all take a moment to pay homage to the absolute geniusness of John Moses Browning.


One of those dreams of mine is to fire a M134 mini gun.

But considering that thing spits out 50 rounds per second… and let’s say ammo is around 1.00 per round depending on caliber… My God. It’s literal bankruptcy.

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There’s some guys on YouTube I follow that spend their weekends firing MG42s at disabled junk cars.

1300 rounds per minute of 7.92… I cringe at the costs for a 30 minute video.

fortunate that the melting metal didn’t plug up the end of the barrel…

I wondered about that too. Maybe not plugged. There was so much volume of ammo pouring through that any melted metal would have been pushed aside. But I wondered about bullets being deflected because of it. The guys weren’t behind any protective shield (other than plastic goggles). The moment when the suppressor shattered seemed like the best chance for a major deflection.

That’s a m249 SAW.

The M240 has a different heat shield on top of the barrel, and the handle sticking up is different and much more robust.


For reference…… in the meme, the kid in the background is behind a m240…… the subject of the meme is a m249.

Compare the handles.

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As a side note: I was in the mechanized infantry when the M240s were released and were issued to soldiers.

I was one of the first struggling few that helped the army figure out it wasn’t an infantry portable weapon system like the SAW was.


And then there’s the Mk-48 (right), which confuses damn near everyone their first time. :rofl:

Don’t know as I ever experienced one unless it’s just the shorter version of the saw they came up with for building clearing and gave it its own designator?

If that’s not the case don’t think I’ve seen one.

Interesting. Just googled. It’s a modified M240 made to be lighter and more portable. Just the thing I was complaining about. Lol.

From the looks of it they scavenged some parts, like the handle, from the m249.

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It’s virtually identical in every way to a 249, just chambered for 7.62. SOCOM handed them off to the regular Infantry units when they went with the SCAR platform.

I thought it was just the coolest thing ever when it was issued to me in Afghanistan, but MTOE (sp?) still considers it a SAW, so I had the pleasure of bearing my own damn ammo and my own damn spare barrel. :rofl:


Did their weight savings do enough?

I loved shooting the M240…. But that thing was not a good infantry portable weapon. Move it from a vehicle mount to a tripod mount sure no problem.

Get up/down, 3-5 second rush with it? Nooooooo thanks.

It was just light enough and small enough that I could do all my standard movements without much impedance. I definitely felt every ounce of that weight regardless.

Someone got the genius idea to improvise a vehicle’s ammo drum and feeder into a backpack then hook it up to a Mk-48, and this beautiful terminator system was born.


Now it just needs a weight bearing belt mounted support arm.

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Just out of curiosity; are there any M60s still in service with the US Army? Or are they all gone now?

The Pig is certainly one of the coolest looking machine guns ever designed. I’d love to shoot one.

Dunno but I liked it better than the M240. They still trained us on them when I went through basic, but think that was about the end of their time.

It fired slowed and seemed more controllable to me.

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