Verifiable lies from trumps rally last night

trump held a rally last night in arizonA
he made these statements which are all provably false

he said he passed the veterans choice ac. the one signed by obama years earlier

he said We’re protecting people with preexisting conditions and we always will. hes part of a lawsuit to repeal protections on preexisting conditions

he claimed he had created the strongest economy ever. despite slower job growth than under obama and only so so GDP growth in his first 3 yeas

he claimed millions of democrats are leaving to join the GOP. not true

he claime dthere were 25k people at the rally. the arena he held it at only holds 15k

id love for some trumpers to explain why his repeated lies about everything dont bother them. even the claim all politicians lie is meaningless when you have someone who lies about almost everything


Doesn’t bother his devoted base.

Whatabout/so what/LIIIIIBZ

His supporters don’t care. They won’t read, research, confirm, have a little bit of discernment or even hold him accountable. What’s even more bothersome is the way Body of Christ has fallen for his non-sense. As long as he and the GOP dangle abortion in out faces every 4 years many of my brother’s and sisters in Christ will continue to support them. Lies, though a sin, does not matter.


…and libs have put forth a better plan B? Nope.

Every single one would be better. Well, maybe not Bloomberg. But everyone else, yeah.

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Proving once again you can teach an under educated person to say things, but it doesn’t mean their true.

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20 min late but I covered for ya. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


imagine…50 million or more under educated voters in the Trump base…OR MORE! :astonished:

Even the immigrants who voted illegally in 2016 to help Clinton win the popular vote are now on the Trump train.




It’s worse than I thought.

If Trump was on Deep Space 9…

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Probably he was referring to this:

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Probably an assurance that if the lawsuit is won, the administration is still committed to protecting people with preexisting conditions and always will be.

This is the one I especially find vile.

He knows damn well his admin is in court fighting to repeal all parts of ACA. Which would include preexisting conditions.

If his admin truly cared about pre existing conditions, they would just replace ACA with a better plan that included preexisting conditions


If they cared about protecting preexisting conditions, they would just pass a better healthcare plan that included preexisting conditions, instead of trying to repeal the entire thing through the courts.


Well, of course the private sector creates economies…not Trump…not Obama. A slower job growth rate as you come nearer to full employment is obviously what you will get in a strong economy. You don’t have more people employed than there are people wanting jobs.

That’s what happens when millions leave the democrat party.


I see someone had a bad night last night…deflecting from democrat debate.

I guess I would too if those were my only option.

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Yeah, I find mischaracterizations vile as well.

See, that’s vile. Of course pre-existing conditions are included. It’s a part of the whole of ACA he’s trying to get repealed. He’s making a pledge to continue covering pre-existing conditions even after its repeal.

The magic wand only works for manufacturing jobs. Tell congress to get to work.

Oooofff! Can’t say anything good about their own so they have to blow someone else’s candle out to make theirs shine brighter.