USSC puts Trump back on the ballot

let the wailing begin…

democracy is horrid isn’t it?


This is the right ruling. Thank goodness.

Not surprising news at all.

Leftists and their ridiculous "insurrection ".

■■■■ them



Right outcome, but for the wrong reason.

Ruling should have pointed out that Trump has never been convicted of (or even tried for) insurrection, so it’s a violation of due process trying to punish him for it. (Or maybe that’s buried somewhere on page 799 of the ruling…)


I welcome the ruling and more so, the fact that it was unanimous.

I believe this is the correct ruling, as a state ballot was not the proper venue for resolving this. The proper venue is the court system, as Jack Smith and Fani Willis are doing.

I do wish they would quit dragging their feet on those cases. Those really need to be resolved quickly so that voters know exactly what they’re dealing with in November, as Trump will unfortunately likely be the nominee for the GOP again.

And it seems scotus agrees that he did commit insurrection as they didn’t seem to reverse that part.

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Yes, there is that as well.

Nope didn’t clear him of insurrection.

Simply stated that if the office is a federal office, states have no authority to enforce Section 3 of the 14th Amendment…that is the purview of Congress.


I didn’t say anything about clearing anyone of insurrection. (Or maybe I’m misinterpreting what you’re trying to say here…)

Saying a defendant hasn’t previously been convicted of a crime isn’t clearing him. It tells the plaintiffs that they need to get a conviction first.

For the record, my point would apply to Congress too. Congress shouldn’t be able to rule that a guy is ineligible if the defendant hasn’t already been convicted of the crime.


Detroyin’ our 'mocracy!


Jack Smith is a lightweight that was improperly appointed.

Fanni self destructed.

Both of those cases are over.



This thread is not about those trials.

No? Odd.

Americans are being forced to support Trump with the Biden and Democratic Party Clown show.


That is so true.

If Biden would have just left well enough alone he would be ahead by a dozen points in every poll.

Nope. He had to push green nonsense and break the immigration system.

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No ones being forced to support anyone.

Own your support for Trump…stop trying to make excuses that you’re being “driven to do it”.

The fact you’d even come up with such nonsense is a reveal you understand why Trump is bad.