US transferring nuke tech to middle east

Is that something the US should be doing? Saudi Arabia is getting the goods. Who knows how much of a nominal Ally they will be in the future or their current ability to keep a lid on it. The US supported what would become the Taliban and that seems regretful. What should the long term goal be if not non-poliferation?

They pay cash for their apartments. What are you gonna do? Say no?


Giving the homeland of the 911 terrorist nuke tech isn’t the smartest of moves

It’s sort of stunning to think if Iran and Saudia Arabia got the bomb (Saudia Arabia reportedly already does if you believe that) you would essentially have a contiguous path through eight nuclear armed nation’s, barring the interruption of the Person Gulf. And all these neighbors have either issues with each other or their non nuclear neighbors.

Nuclear power plants not nuclear bombs. In that regard, several countries are vying for the contract. They will get the technology even if the U.S. chose not to bid for the contract. It would make sense that the U.S. be allowed to compete with the other countries.

Dig up the quotes of why Iran needs reactors when they have all that oil.


One way or the other, a broad swath of countries will embrace nuclear power for its clean energy potential. It is absurd to believe that we can prevent that from happening. I don’t see Saudi Arabia pursuing the bomb unless Iran gets it. Then all bets are off.

But to the OP. Saudi Arabia will get the technology to build nuclear power plants, with our without the U.S. In this case, it makes sense for the U.S. to participate.

Iran is getting nuclear tech. Why shouldn’t the US supply it first? There is a buck to be made.

Uh huh. What about Iran?

Iran already has the technology being given to Saudi Arabia. The technology Iran is seeking is the technology to build an atomic bomb. I find it hard to believe you don’t know the difference.

What about them???

They want nuke power. Why shouldn’t we build it for them?

They’ve already got nuclear power plants. They don’t need us to build them.

a radical Islamic country with nuclear tech what could go wrong.

They currently have zero nuclear power plants.
They currently are in the process of buying nuclear technology from America.

Both Pakistan and Iran already have Nuclear power plants. Saudi Arabia will get their own, with or without us.

Saudi Arabia also refused to let international inspector inside their plant currently being built.

Yep! Russia and South Korea are also bidding.

a radical Islamic country that is one of the biggest backer of terrorism in the world having the ability to produce nuclear weapon is a good thing.

It’s not like they plan to put on missiles


Well Saudi arabians never done American any harm so it’s all fine.
Kill a WaPo journalist, get some nuke goodies: Trump foreign policy