US to Withdraw From Humans Rights Council

Literally as we’re ripping babies from their mothers, we do this.

I mean, I understand the UN Human Rights commission is a joke, and under other circumstances I could understand it. But right now, at this moment, it sends exactly one huge message.

We don’t care about Human Rights. We don’t care about people. We’re Ok with atrocities.

Maybe we are. America is dead.

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i was just about to post this… im so happy we are a “Christian” nation … /sarcasm

Good optics, this.

it keeps burning brighter

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of course we will withdraw. we dont care about human rights…

The timing is exquisite.

Preemptive move before we’re kicked out?

Seems about right. Our human rights record is starting to spiral down the ■■■■■■■■ Why make any pretense? There is no room for the Trump administration and his faithful fans on a council that wants to protect human rights. Give it time. Adolph Miller probably has even better plans up his sleeve.

We’re only a Christian nation when those “Christians” need to use that to act like they’re unjustly persecuted. Otherwise they rarely act Christ-like. It’s about time the rest of the world sees them for what they are. And it’s showing.

This decision has more to do with Israel and the council’s “anti-Israel bias.”

It"s always about Israel. Poor little country. To hell with them.

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Is this part of Trump making America great again??

Why not.

The onions writers could not make this up

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More like America is getting smart! The United Nations should be renamed Useless Nations and there are some countries on that supposed “human rights” council whose leaders are so inhumane they should not be allowed to exist in the human race.

So it’s about time and next up we should withdraw from the U.N. and drop kick their useless behinds out of the country and let them set up their scam of a unity organization in another country. JMO!

I’ve been wanting to withdraw from that joke of a council for years.

That said, the optics of this is absolutely appalling.

Cool… Regain our sovereignty.

The optics of this are probably intentional. The trump base loves it.

Human rights are for cucks!


on the same day he hugs another flag btw

If trump gets re-elected it wouldn’t surprise me if he condoned the use of chemical weapons by the US.