US military personnel ordered to paint border barriers to improve 'aesthetic appearance'

These soldiers will be turned into painters for about a month to improve Trump’s image.

Is this a good use of our military and is that wasted taxpayer money?

“A disgraceful misuse of taxpayer $$,” Durbin said on Twitter. “Our military has more important work to do than making Trump’s wall beautiful.”

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I can see you’ve never been in the military. You paint everything that doesn’t move and some things that do.


Seriously? Soldiers do area beautification all the time. Picking up pine cones, painting rocks, police call is daily.

It’s an easy day. Idle hands are the 1st Sgt’s workshop.

Don’t be outraged on behalf of a group you don’t belong to.


And never has belonged to and never will.

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I would have thought with the border in a state of emergency and national security at risk the troops should be repelling the hordes that are assaulting the border on a daily basis.

If I believe what Trump and his acolytes are saying its an apocalyptic nightmarish situation at the border yet the military has time to paint!!!

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Troops painting things has been proven to cause large numbers of people to run away. Especially other troops.

Painting is also maintenance. It preserves and protects.

Find something else to be outraged about.

Yeah, there is no emergency and the paint is make The Donald look pretty.

Tbh, I’ll be glad if the soldiers aren’t ordered to paint the barriers gold.

You could always go show them how to do it.

What could be more appropriate for this era than a draft dodger with a million dollar allowance ordering the military to make him look pretty?


Maybe AOC can make sure they don’t pay $1,500 per gallon of paint.

Wait - I thought we were under a national emergency due to some massive invasion. Shouldn’t the armed forces be focused on handling this alleged massive invasion rather than painting walls?

Don’t they realize the soldiers are going to be in danger if they are turned around making sure the brush goes in the right direction rather than having their firearms focused on the invading army that is attempting to shoot them down?

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Bwahahahaha! The Soldier are being made to PAINT! :rofl:

Hey Sarn’t, gather your team! It’s time you learned how all that grass on post gets mowed!

Hey, when it’s finished a draft dodger can say that a bunch of soldiers made something pretty for him.

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I wonder how they feel about Soldiers painting their areas under mortar attack? :thinking:


Soldiers perform maintenance, construction, and beautification projects all the time.

It’s a tradition that dates back Rome. Most of Rome’s roads were built by the Legions who marched along them. Every army since has followed that example and expanded upon it.

This isn’t something to be mad about.

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So picking up those cigarette butts years ago was “beautification”? I feel better now.
As I recall Engineering and Maintenance Units built and repaired things and painted as well.
Why is this a concern of the stupids?

Dick Durbin is a disgraceful waste of valuable oxygen. But that’s just my opinion.

It’s not about working soldiers. The only person that could possibly be mad about that would be the soldiers who actually have to paint.

It’s about Donald Trump making himself look pretty.

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